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Sunday, September 11th, 2005
5:21 pm
Walls are Thin, So It's Not Really Eavesdropping
I should be reading my Nonwestern Music book, Nonwestern Fine Arts books, Philosophy and History of Education books, Diversity in School and Society book and articles, and my American Music book. But am I? Nope. I can't fuckin focus. I never can when it comes to reading. Well, stuff that has no interest to me whatsoever. And plus, I'm incredibly tired and now I got tons of extra stuff on my mind. Stuff I don't wanna bother thinking about, but now I can't stop.

This weekend was lots of fun though. Friday night I wasn't planning on going out, but Lindsay asked me to go see a movie with her and her b/f. So I did. Rachel said I could go out with her, if I want, like she's throwing me a bone, and I knew she was gonna go drinking. I didn't wanna do that. And plus, I don't go out with Lindsay a lot. Well, my friend, Krysten and her b/f came over to visit. He goes to school here. And he was one of the tech guys at the beginning of school to help whoever needed it. So when he said he can make my computer load faster, I told him to go for it. Apparently, he did something he wasn't supposed to, so I was freaking out b/c this is a new computer and I didn't buy it. My parents would fuckin kill me if anything happened to it. So when Lindsay's b/f, who is a fuckin computer whiz, came over, he fixed it.

I didn't wanna go to the movie with Linday and her b/f b/c that would've awkward, and it was. I felt so out of place. We went to see "Exorcism of Emily Rose". So when the scary bits came, I just closed my eyes and thought of something else while Lindsay clinched Adam's arm. After the movie, I was hesitant to go up to my room by myself b/c I was scared from the movie. I was tired, but stayed up until 3 watching "School of Rock", thinking a comedy will help take my mind off the movie. Until I turned off the lights, layed down and thought I heard something fall in my closet. Then I turned my computer on, so I could have some light in the room. So I finally fell asleep around 3:30 and woke up around 10:30.

I felt like crap when I woke up. I took a shower and waited for Nick to get here. I was eating Ramen noodles when he called me to ask for directions. I met him down in the parking lot. And he's such a sweet guy. He met my mom at the Big Lots in town to give him my medicine that I forgot at home. And there was other stuff in the bag, like mail I got. One was a CD I have been waiting on forever. The Ergs' "The Ben Kweller EP" - fuckin awesome. So we talked while I finished my lunch. He finished off the 2 beers I had in the fridge while watching Christian cartoons.

We went with Lindsay and her b/f to Wal-Mart. Nick got a 12-case of Natural Light, which isn't too bad. While at Wal-Mart, we did a mullet hunt. It isn't as easy to find mullets at this Wal-Mart as opposed to the one at home. At home, it's like a meeting place for mullets, like the watering hole. Like you're on National Geographic. Here, they're not so popular. So I like the Wal-Mart at home better. However, here on campus, I saw a guy who looked like Ron Jeremy with a mullet.

When we got back from Wal-Mart, we walked over to Rachel's dorm. We visited with them for a bit, then me, Nick, Rachel and Rachel's roommate, Jen went to get some Chinese food at the QQ Buffet, which was really good. After that, Jen and Rachel got ready, while Nick and I came back here so I could changed. I started drinking 2 cans of Natural Light (since he had my Bud Light!). Then Jen and Rachel came and I convinced my suitemate, Tracy, to go out with us. Nick already had 5 beers by this time. We walked to Stix.

I had a bottle of Bud Light and Nick had like 3 bottles of Coors Light. Rachel had 2 Miller Lights. Jen and Tracy weren't drinking. Then Nick bought us a pitcher of Bud Light, so I had 2 1/2 cups of that. Rachel had 1 and Nick had 2. Then I got a shot called a Screaming Orgasm. I just liked the name, but it was really good. The Running Man was there. I got a picture of him. He cracks me up.

After that, we walked over to Marty's. Nick was getting trashed b/c we were walking and all a sudden, he just fell back like he ran into an invisible pole. Or what I said, he got in a fight with Casper. Me and Rachel had to hold his arms while we crossed the road to Marty's. He got a drink there, and some guy bought Rachel a shot. I didn't drink there. Me and Tracy were getting to know each other better, which was good. And me and Jen. I really like them, they're both awesome. Tracy, me and Rachel were dancing to whatever played. I think it was Prince's "When Doves Cry".

After that, we went to a party, which wasn't anything special. Me and Tracy stuck together b/c Rachel ran off with some guy she made out while drunk the night before, and Nick ran off with some girl he knows from home. I was sobering up, and while sitting on the counter in the kitchen, we put our heads on each other's shoulders. The situation of the party was weird. It was thrown by 19-year-old twin guys at their 35-year-old brother's house. And I was talking to the girl Nick knows, Marlee, who is from around where I live too so we were making jokes about our town. Later on during the night, she was saying stuff that kinda upset me, like really stung, about someone I know. But I kept my mouth shut. So when Jen was wanting to get home, and she was the driver, I was excited b/c I wanted to get out of there.

When Jen dropped the 3 of us at our dorm, Nick wanted to have a smoke before bed, so Tracy left me her keys and I hung out with Nick. We got to talking about how I'm a fuck-up, well, I was saying that, and he was trying to tell me I wasn't. But I still think I am. Whenever something bad happens in my life, I blame myself b/c I think I did something horribly wrong. And I'm the kind of person who analyzes a lot and just likes to listen to music while thinking about everything, and why did it happen and how could I prevented it. Nick was sober at this time b/c he told me this morning that he remembers all we talked about outside, but nothing prior to it. But he told me that I was the easiest person for him to be friends with b/c of my sense of humor and how I'm laid back. And he agrees that I have a kind heart b/c there are still ppl in my life who have fucked with my emotions and screwed me over, and if I was to die suddenly, they probably wouldn't give a fuck, but I still care deeply for them and would do anything for them, even though I shouldn't. I told Nick stuff I don't tell many ppl about my past. He told me the same stuff and he told me stuff that he never told anyone else.

And I was talking to him about something and it got to the point that I wanted to cry. But I hate crying. I cried Friday night and I've cried for most of the summer and I hate it. But he agrees with me about a lot of stuff and sometimes, it's good to talk to a guy about that kind of stuff. We were out there for almost an hr. I'm glad we're as good of friends that we are b/c he's like a big brother to me. And I've never been close to my brother, so it was nice b/c it was the first serious conversation we've had.

I slept decently. I woke up at 9:30. I just laid in bed and looked at the pictures on my walls. I still had a bit of mood on me so looking at pictures of ppl back home made me smile. He woke up like an hr later and he was just like "What's up?". He had on shiny green shorts and I said he looked like a leprechaun.

He was looking at Sarah's pictures on her wall and saw the ones of her b/f, Earl. He was being nosey and got the picture tin off her top shelf. She had a envelope of pictures in there and we were looking through there. It was pictures from when they went camping or on a picnic. We saw a picture of Earl with his shirt off, and he has man boobs that are bigger than my boobs. And even worse, they're pierced. Nick was like "Ah sick!".

I get to go home after my second class on Friday and I'm ready to get home. Sad, huh? It's the wedding and I wanna see all of my family. I'm listening to Death Cab for Cutie's "Title and Registration" and I love it. Especially the chorus:
there's no blame for how our love did slowly fade
and now that it's gone it's like it wasn't there at all
and here i rest where disappointment and regret collide
lying awake at night

Love ya all! Miss everyone too :-(

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Thursday, September 8th, 2005
9:09 pm
Makes You Wanna Blow the Stars from the Sky
Hey everyone! School isn't so bad. It's still weird to get used to, but I don't hate it. It sucks, though, b/c Sarah is never here. She goes home like almost every night. Mostly b/c her best friend is about to go into labor at anytime, but another reason is b/c of her b/f. I'm glad she has a b/f, but if he's gonna be a dick to her, then she needs to drop him. I mean, he isn't easy on the eyes, BUT it's one thing when he isn't easy on the eyes and a nice guy, but another when he's not easy on the eyes and total prick. She's such a sweet girl and she doesn't deserve that. I'm not saying any girl, or any person, deserves that, but not her. She can do so much better. Especially when he's making her feel guilty for doing her homework instead of going home to see him. Grrr.

So Friday night I finally went out with Jacque. That girl is awesome. Rachel came with us. We did some pre-bar drinking. Rachel and I went in on a 12-pack of Bud Light, and I drank 4 bottles. Then we went to a bar called Stix. We each had a drink called a Baltimore Zoo. Wow, that fucked me up. I have no idea how many kinda of liquor were in it. Good though. Jacque was cracking me up b/c she told me that she called her mom earlier and told her she was going out with me. Her mom said "The quiet one?" and Jacque said "Oh, she isn't quiet." See, I'm opening up more and more. After a shot of apple pucker, or whatever it was, I started drinking water. We got in about 1:30 and Rachel just crashed here.

Saturday morning we got up and left for home. I got home and got cleaned up for Amanda's bachlorette party. We met everyone at Buen Appetit. We ordered 2 pitchers of margaritas. I had 3 glasses of margaritas, and the scary thing is I didn't even feel buzzed. Mom went with us to dinner, so I got free dinner :-)

After that, I went with Rachel to meet everyone else at Sarge's. Not that great, a lot of old ppl. I didn't wanna buy a beer just yet, but one of the girls with us bought me one. She was a friend of Amanda's, and a stay-at-home mom and hasn't been out in like 3 years. Trust me, she was making up for that lost time.

After that, we went to O'Brien's, which I LOVE. The bartender who was working there the Saturday night I went after my b-day was working again. Yeah, I know I didn't have beer goggles on b/c Rachel was sober and thought he was hot too. Married though - damn! Haha! Anyways, Amanda's sisters brought these cards with them with things we have to do, like stupid shit, and I managed to dodge everything. There were these 2 drunk guys hitting on us. One tried to kiss Rachel's hand, then he put my hair behind my ear. And even when drunk, I still have the same annoyances, so I told him "Don't fuckin touch me." and he backed off. The friend of Amanda's, Julie, bought me and Amanda's sister, Shelly a Long Island iced tea and Julie had like 4 of those. I bought a draft beer and we all got a token for a free draft, so I got that. Julie was so trashed. She was calling all of us 'pansies', so I called her a 'lush'.

After that, we went to Shovelhead's. We saw 2 mullets right off. Awesome! There was a live band, so me, Rachel, Amanda, and Amanda's mom, Rhonda, went dancing to the song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". I was drinking water by then b/c I didn't wanna get anymore drunk. Julie couldn't even stand up on her own. We took her home after Shovelhead's. Then we went to the Factory and I hate that place. One of the bouncers recognized me from school. A big black guy named John and he used to come talk to my mom when she worked in the athletic office at the high school, and whenever I was in there after school, he would talk to me too. Amanda the whole night had condoms buttoned to her shirt and she had to sell them each for $1 (some ppl were so drunk, she would sell them 3 for $5), and when she was trying to get John to buy and told him if she doesn't sell them all, she has to buy all of us breakfast, he said she would buy me breakfast regardless. Had his arm around me like we were old buddies. Rachel and I left shortly afterwards. Washed my hair b/c it reeked of cigarettes, and went to bed.

Sunday morning, I woke up at like 10. I spent most of my day copying songs from my CDs onto my laptop. Just CDs I don't wanna bring with me to school. Amanda, Kyle and Cassi came for dinner to celebrate my dad's b-day. Then later on, Lacey and Nick came over. Those two never fail to make me laugh. I feel special b/c Nick says I'm like his sister :-) He's coming to visit us this Saturday night, it's gonna be too much fun! Everyone wants to meet him. It was funny seeing Nick's face when I put a Pizzicato Five CD in to copy tracks. He said "Please turn that shit off. It makes me wanna kill myself.". Then he said he oughta punch me in the ovaries for having David Bowie CDs :-P

Came back to school on Monday. Unpacked and yeah. After long days of classes, here I am. The wedding is less than a week away - I can't wait! :-D

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
9:21 am
By Definition a Crush Must Hurt
I can't sleep in anymore and it's annoying! I don't have class until 12 and I'm waking up at like 8:30. What the fuck?? Well, I found out last Monday that my first class on MWF was mostly for music education majors. He asked if I ever took choir or band in school, and I just took choir in middle school. So the next day, I went to see my advisor. Dropped that class and signed up for a Wednesday night class, which is Nonwestern Fine Art - more up my alley.

First Friday down here, Rachel and I went to a concert on the south quad and some guy came out of nowhere and was hitting on her. They ended up hanging out until like 2 am. I went back to my room at like 12. I swear to god, I could be strutting my shit around naked and she'd be in an iron lung, and guys would still flock to her.

With the constant walking and the not eating as much as usual, I have lost weight. My parents could tell when I came home. Some days, I would only have 1 meal, which isn't good. I dunno how ppl could get the freshman 15. Instead of gaining, I lose.

When I came home Friday, I came home faster than I should've. I was going like 75 most of the way. I just needed to see my parents. Dad was gone, but mom was there. She took me out to dinner at Garfields and we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff.

On Saturday, we went to Champaign and mostly got stuff for the house. We went to every home store there - Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot. Oh, and I got the weirdest voicemail from Nick from like 8 in the morning and it was like he was going to Rantoul and saw a pet taxi bungeed to the bed of a truck, and a goat inside the pet taxi. Why he told me I will never know. Made me laugh though. Oooo... listening to my favorite David Bowie song! "Suffragette City" - I loooooooooove this song.

I came back last night around 7:30 and Rachel helped me bring shit in from my car. I had to bring pictures to put on my tackboard. I brought more than what I needed, but I love pictures. I also have that England drawing Ashley made for me on my b-day. And Cassi made me a drawing. I dunno what of, but it's still sweet. And I brought my Veruca Salt Oompa-Loompa poster b/c I needed a band poster and it's my smallest one. The mini-fridge's plug didn't fit the one of the extension cord, so I had to run to Wal-Mart for an adapter.

Once I got my room situated, I crashed on my bed and watched Adult Swim, which I have gone too long without. I have a stupid floor meeting at 9:15 tonight. Those suck. Oh, and mom hooked me up with tons of food and coupons. I got the economy size of Pop Tarts from Sam's Club. And I copied tons of songs onto my computer from my CDs at home (David Bowie, that dog, Cibo Matto, Duran Duran, etc etc).

My bedroom is way too small for 2 ppl. Luckily, my roommate, Sarah, is really nice and hardly ever here. I hate her b/f b/c he made her cry her first night here, even though she was really homesick. He was saying shit like "I can tell I'm not a priority anymore." and that pissed me off. Well, Sarah is here so I'm gonna visit with her. Love ya all!

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Sunday, August 7th, 2005
9:58 am
You are Nothing But a Lark, Though I Snuck in Like a Narc
I haven't really done much this week except work. I hate that place with a passion. The closer I get to leaving it, the more I hate it. And it's sad b/c I love reading, but since I'm there like everyday, I really don't wanna come home and read. And I'm just so annoyed with all the bitchiness there. Mary Jane went home after 1/2 hr of us opening b/c she was in a bad mood. If I went home everytime I was in a bad mood at work, I would never be there. Just looking at it puts me in a bad mood. I had no desire whatsoever to be there yesterday and it was fuckin dead. I went most of my time at the front desk, talking to Andrea and Sallie.

On Friday, I did have the day off. So I went to get Rachel and since my kitchen is still out of service, we went to Fazoli's for lunch. It was sooooooooooo good. Then we went to Wal-Mart (of course!) and I got random shit. A toothbrush, my pics from Chicago (which didn't turn out), gum, and Fudge Rounds. I love Fudge Rounds, fuckin awesome. Then I think we went to K-Mart, then Big Lots, then Elder-Beerman. At Elder-Beerman, I came up with a plan to prank Nick. So we went back to Wal-Mart and found a pair of gigantic granny panties for 88 cents.

We drove out to where he works and found his truck. Rachel tied them to his antenna and I got a picture. We drove off as quickly as we can. I took Rachel home and went home. Then I gathered up the dirty towels and went over to Kyle's to do laundry. Because since our laundry room is off the kitchen and we still can't walk in there, we can't do laundry and I fuckin hate that. Mom said we might have to re-use towels, and I'm not doing that so I volunteered to wash towels. So Kyle came and fed Dyna. They had Dish TV, so that was good. I spent most of the time listening to those radio stations on there, like the 80s, alternative, garage rock, etc. Dyna kept me company. Sad, huh? I think it was Gorillaz's "Feel Good Inc" that started playing, but Dyna's head perked up and looked right at the TV. Dyna knows good music when she hears it ;-)

I was there for like 2 hrs and I got the laundry gathered back up and went home. I ordered a pizza and folded towels. Then the pizza came and I ate pizza and drank beer :-) Then I started watching "Mystery Science Theater 3000: Manos, the Hands of Fate" and my cell phone rang. It was Nick, so I tried to keep a straight face. He asked if I put underwear on his truck, and I said "No, why is there underwear on your truck?" and he said "No... yeah." and I laughed and said "Yeah, me and Rachel did it." and he said "Oh, because some lady at work saw them and turned me in for sexual harassment." and I said "What?! Are you serious?" and he said "Yeah, I have to appear in front of a committee on Monday and I could get fired for it." and all I was thinking was Fuck. Because I sure don't want him to get fired. He's one of my best friends. He said he wasn't mad at us though, but I still felt like shit.

So I called Rachel and told her and her reaction was the same as mine. So we decided to call Nick and leave voicemails apologizng and saying if there's anything we can do to help, let us know. Later on, he called me back and said "Yeah, I'm just fuckin with you." and I said "What?" and he said "Yeah, I found them and took them off my truck and threw them away." and I said "You suck!" but was still laughing b/c a) that was fuckin brilliant and b) I was fuckin relieved. And he laughed and said "Yeah, I figured a prank deserves one back." He called Rachel and told her the same thing. She called me back and we were laughing over it. So Nick got us back good. Very good.

I had to work all day yesterday. And since our kitchen is out of service, my parents took me out to lunch at Charlotte's. I had an egg salad sandwich on a croissant and a bowl of roasted garlic tomato soup - mmmmmmmm! I love garlic. The antique store next door was having a clearance sale and I was looking. Mom found a set of like 5 large dinner plates, 3 smaller ones, and 4 tea cups all for $10. They were an English brand and from the 50s. I went ahead and got them b/c that's a fuckin deal!

Like I said, I spent most of my time talking to Andrea and Sallie. Andrea and I had Sallie laughing the whole time b/c we sound like sisters. She's one person I wouldn't mind having as a sister b/c she's very protective of me. I do wish she would move to a bigger city, even Champaign b/c there isn't anything good here. And she isn't gonna find a good guy here. I told her that if I have any hot single professors at school, I'll tell her so she can come visit me.

After work, I got a shower and Rachel came over. We went to eat at Steak 'n Shake, and yes, Fernando was working. I saw that he's married so I told Rachel "Rachel, I'm sorry, but you can't marry Fernando. He's already taken. You can't be Mrs. Fernando Sanchez." and she laughed and said "Damn!". Our movie wasn't until 9:30 so we wasted time at Wal-Mart (of course!) and then just drove around. We were doing our usual joking about stuff and came up with new ones, which had us laughing like crazy. We went to the movie, the Devil's Rejects - DON'T GO SEE. IT'S FUCKIN STUPID!

The movie was like 2 hrs long. One part, everyone thought it was over, but another scene came up and everyone, literally everyone, said "AHHHHHHHHH!" b/c we wanted to leave. Then the credits rolled and everyone got up. It was horrible. The lady who plays Tommy Pickles voice in Rugrats is a prostitute in it :-P The whole time, Rachel and I kept saying "What the fuck?". Before the movie, they played a commercial for that body spray, Bod, which had us laughing b/c we always joke about Bod (for specific reasons hehehe). THEN after that was the commercial that has the song "Close to You", and we were laughing our asses off. Everyone was looking at us. That song is soooooooooo funny.

I'm not gonna do much today. I have to work Mon-Fri this week AND Friday will be my LAST DAY there! Thank god! And I think either Tuesday or Wednesday, since I work 9-3 those days, my parents are taking me to Champaign to get a computer for school. Then Sat, going shopping with Lindsay and Rachel and hopefully going out with the guys that night. We'll see and you know whatever happens, I'll more than likely write in here. Maybe :-) Love ya all!

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
9:41 am
I'm Passive and Reposed, I'm Not Used to You
Nothing has been really going on lately. But I'm bored. They're installing new floor into our living room and kitchen. I don't think they're as creepy as the construction workers in June. My mom came home from Champaign on Sunday and was yelling at me to help her put away groceries. Nice. We had hamburgers and I can't remember what I did. Probably watched a movie.

Ashley called me to talk. Wow, as if Saturday wasn't enough. It was like a 15-minute conversation, and she said "Yeah, well, I don't have really anything to talk about." Ya think?? It hasn't even been a day since we talked last. Don't get me wrong, I love Ashley like a sister, but come on. She's really hyper, talks non-stop about god-knows-what, and I seriously think she has ADHD or something. You can be talking to her and she'll be off in her own little world. Kinda frustrating. On Saturday on the drive home, she first started talking about Mitchell, then a teacher she had being from California, then how her mom's family lives in California and how she doesn't know them that well. What??

Rachel called me soon after and that made me feel better. I haven't talked to Rachel a lot in the last week, but it was good talking to her. And that guy, Buck, is being a prick to her, so she's done with him. Most guys are just complete pricks and are completely stupid.

I worked yesterday 9-3 with Janet. That was interesting. There were tons of books in the morning drop. I haven't worked a Monday in awhile. Janet did the holds list and I started on the shelving. I told Janet that she needs to get away from there soon b/c of all the stupid ppl who work there. I'm more qualified for my supervisor's job than she is. Ppl are getting hired for jobs they're not qualified for, tons hypocracy, pettiness, talking behind ppl's backs, gossiping, etc. And Janet is fuckin intelligent and I dunno why she's still working as a page. She has a Bachelor's in English and a teaching certificate. She said she'd love to write a book about all the shit that happens at work. I'd read that. There are only a handful of ppl I will actually miss: Janet, Brenda, Andrea, Kathy, Rick, and Sallie. Everyone else I could care less about. Sounds mean, but I've put up with so much shit at that job. And I seriously think it made me bitter somewhat. Getting blamed for shit I had nothing to do with, being talked about behind my back, being lied to, being looked down on. I'm more intelligent than most of the ppl there. Most of them don't even have Associates degrees, even Pat, who is supposed to have a degree for the title she has. Pat can't handle conflicts, so rather than talking to ppl, or person, she puts a general letter in everyone's mailbox, saying Don't do this.

Now, I love certain ppl at work, but sometimes I think they overreact over stuff. Since I only have 9 days left (YAY!), I could give a fuck. Ooo... I just remembered. What if Jessica didn't do the AV last night since I always do it on Monday nights?? Haha, that'd be funny. ANYWAYS! But ppl take certain stuff that ppl say and hold a grudge to it. Like someone said "You have to be smarter than the book..." to a person I like, and they're still holding a grudge to it. I don't think they said it to be mean. And Jessica, I know I always said that I don't really like her, but she isn't a horrible person. I think a lot of ppl don't like her b/c Pat favors, but Pat is a bug-eyed bitch with a mustache (or what I always love calling her - Surprised Hitler). Whoever is the new person, someone has to give them hell for awhile. Kinda like initiation. I got it from the whole library really. Even pissed off my parents since I would come home upset. But ppl really do hold grudges there, and I think it's stupid. It's just work, who cares? You don't have to see them outside work, so fuck it. If it was your friend, then yeah, you would wanna work it out. But if it's just a co-worker, fuck it. I think it's pathetic when a place where most of the ppl are dealing with menopause is almost like a middle school. I only trust like 2-3 ppl. I trust Andrea more than anyone else b/c she's very protective of me. Everyone knows not to say shit about me to her b/c she will jump down their throat. About time I got someone like that on my side!

I had a hamburger for lunch and was talking to Rick in the breakroom. We were just talking about all sorts of stuff. I told him that someone keyed my car (yeah, I didn't think a person hated me THAT much, that or someone was just being a prick) and he looked at it and couldn't believe it. He was joking that he did it b/c he didn't want me to go. And even though I didn't work quite as long as I do on Fridays or Saturdays, it was so fuckin slow and long. When it was a little after 12, it felt like 3. I wished it was b/c my ass would've been out the door. It was pretty busy, so there was some left over when Jessica got there at 3.

I got home and mom was talking to me about Cassi. I guess Cassi missed her bus on Friday b/c Kyle fell asleep for a few minutes. Luckily, he woke up right after the bus went by so he was able to get Cassi to school on time. So mom stopped by around 12 to make sure Cassi wouldn't miss the bus. Amanda was off work, so Cassi was dressed all cute, hair braided. I wish I can do hair like that. I can barely do mine. I guess the day Cassi missed the bus, when she got on it to go home, she told the bus driver "You should've honked your horn.". Hehe. Cassi is something else.

Rachel came over about 4:45 and we just hung out in my room for a bit. We went to eat dinner at La Potosina and it was sooooooooo good! We only ate some of our food b/c we wanted dessert. There was a dessert called a Xango or something, and all I saw was cheesecake and I was sold. It was fuckin good! Then we went to Wal-Mart b/c I had to dump my camera off to get developed and get some stuff. We counted like 3 mullets there. Then we went to K-Mart and saw the most ultimate mullet. It looked like a raccoon tail going down his neck. Rachel said "Is that number 4?" and I said "No, that's more than just 4. More like 4, 5, 6.". We went on a walk in my neighborhood, which is always funny. We kept singing the beginning to Steve Miller Band's "The Joker". We were walking down a street and I said "I smell fruit." and Rachel said "I smell cotton candy." and I said "Yeah, cause there's a cotton candy tree right over there.". And we were doing our usual jokes about certain stuff. Then we came back to my house and hung out in my room. I called Nick b/c we were gonna leave a stupid voicemail on his phone, but he answered. So we talked to him, and he wanted to talk to Rachel about some medical problem he has. He still thinks that since she's going into psychology, that it's the same thing as a doctor. I could hear everything he was saying while talking to her and we were cracking up. Ah, damn it! Now I got "The Joker" stuck in my head!

About time! I've been trying to upload these pictures onto my pictures page for like 2 days and it keeps fuckin up. Finally got them on there. 5 more to go! I love the song "Tragic" by Veruca Salt (yes, random thought, I know, but I'm listening to it now) b/c I can so fuckin relate to it. Yeah :-P I'm so weird. I figured out that I have my mom's weirdness of saying weird stuff, but I have my dad's dry sense of humor. BUT I get my sarcasm and being a smart-ass from my g-pa. Well, I'm gonna get in the shower. Love ya all!

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
9:44 am
We Wreaked Havoc on Each Others' Hearts, How Tragic
I'm counting down the days of work left. 10 more days. Thank fuckin god. That place is driving me nuts. I'm honored to be the current gossip about me leaving for school. Everyone and their mother is coming up to me and asking when I'm leaving, where I'm going, am I excited, etc, etc. Me and Rick, the head custodian and one of my favorite ppl there, were joking about the gossiping there and how annoying it is. His son was thinking of getting a job there and Rick had to talk him out of it. And how whoever is the new page almost has to go through an initiation of constantly getting in trouble for no reason, ppl talking about them behind their backs, etc. Yeah, I went through it too, and still do sometimes.

Friday was fuckin crazy. I didn't get to do any shelving in the morning. I did the morning check-in, then went to doing the holds list, and soon as I was done with that, the holds bags came. So I did finished that and went home for lunch at 12:45. The rest of the day was mostly shelving everything, and I got caught up with 30 mins to spare. Ugh. We closed at 5:30, and like always, had to wait for everyone at the door. Since it's so hot, I think the backdoors kinda expand, is that possible? I dunno, they're just harder to open. I had to throw my whole body into the door, and Jackie said "She's just so skinny!" Not really, but thanks. I banged my knee and hurt my hip in the process.

I got home and crashed on my bed. Ashley came around 6 and we mostly just joked about Mitchell. The other day, she saw him at school wearing a black trench coat, a pink tweed-like scarf, and carrying a cane (which I called his pimp stick), even though it was like almost 100 degrees out, but then again, he doesn't have any body fat to keep him warm. Mom and dad got us pizza and we ate that, and it was so damn good. Monical's pizza with sausage and onion - oh yum! After that, Ashley and I went to Wal-Mart and I like doing mullet counts, and we found 3. Mullets like to gather at Wal-Mart. We came home, watched "The Hot Chick", and went to bed around 11.

I had to wake up at 4:30 to get in the shower. I woke Ashley up after I got out of the shower. We got dressed and cleaned up. We left the house around 5:50 and headed towards Monee. We caught the Metra train there and stopped in downtown Chicago. We went to the Art Institute Museum, and got in cheaper than we thought. It was just me and Ashley there, my parents went somewhere else. That museum was fuckin awesome! They had an exhibit of Toulouse-Lautrec art, but it was extra. But we saw Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Seurat, O'Keefe, Pollock, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Gauguin, Mattisse, Mondrian, Bacon, etc, etc. It was so awesome. We saw Monet's Water Lillies and Japanese bridge of Giverny, the haystacks, and London's Houses of Parliament, and since Monet is my ultimate favorite artist, I was total awe. We were able to take pictures, which I did, but we weren't able to use the flash, so I dunno how they turned out. We did see some of Toulouse-Lautrec's work in a small gallery, and it was so awesome. Ashley being the drama queen she is was putting her hand up to her mouth whenever she saw a painting. Maybe it was b/c I was getting moody from my lack of sleep, but I was getting annoyed with her. I got a Toulouse-Lautrec mug, a magnet, and a 2006 planner with Impressionist artworks for each week from one gift shop. Then another one, a Monet mug and more magnets. Ashley kept saying "I am so glad we came here!" and just rambling on and on. Luckily, I've learned how to just tune her out. Sounds mean, but my temper is getting short. And I only got 5 hrs of sleep.

Afterwards, we met my parents in a nearby park, and went to lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe, which is owned by the same ppl who own Cheesecake Factory (that made me laugh to myself). I was fuckin hungry, like Starvin' Marvin of Ethiopia, and I was wanting a massive meal. I got a salad, and it was fuckin small! Good, but small. Then mom said we either needed to share an entree or a dessert b/c their portions are huge. Fuck that. Ashley and I shared a slice of cheesecake, and it was normal sized. So I was still hungry after lunch.

We went to Crate and Barrel and the Pottery Barn. I love those stores, especially Crate and Barrel. Mom said that when I get engaged and I don't register for wedding gifts there, she'll be mad at me. I do like the style there. Then we went to the Hershey Store, which was crowded. Then another chocolate store, can't think of the name. Starts with a G, like Ghiradelli, or something. ANYWAYS! After that, we went to the Water Tower Mall, which is nice, just can't afford hardly anything there. Purses on sale for $200, and wallets on sale for $150. BUT I did go to a purse store called Mikaso, which is a famous brand, and I got a cute purse on sale for $20. And we were on one of the floors, and I smelled beer. And I saw a brewery store, and I got 2 Guiness glasses. I got 2 shirts at the Gap, but I'm gonna take them back b/c I don't need them now and I can get them on sale later.

We left Chicago around 5:30 b/c Ashley and I were exhausted. I was becoming Buffness carrying my heavy bag. And you know what? It really sucks walking in Chicago and seeing all of these happy couples, holding hands. I think that kinda helped with my bad mood. We got on the Metra to go back to Monee, and there were 2 couples talking with each other. And I was so dazed, I was kinda listening in on half of their conversation and one time, I heard something about a monkey losing a leg. That's when I stopped listening. Me and Ashley did have an in-depth conversation on the train and it just made me more upset, not mad-upset, but sad-upset.

We got to Monee and stopped at a gas station, and I got a snack bag of Chee-tos (my weakness) and a diet coke. The drive home, Ashley kept randomly saying shit, which I have no idea where she got it. And she keeps talking about her new job, and mom asked her about it, and Ashley said "Well, I'm working at the school library..." and I said "Oh really? I didn't know that!" and my mom got after me. I was not in a good mood at all. Soon as we got home, Ashley left. I took a shower and watched a movie. I went to bed at 11 and woke up a little after 9. Hopefully, the rest of my vacation will go better and I'm trying to ease up on my temper. I love Ashley, but she is so dramatic and she talks non-stop. I was dozing off in the car and she would shake my arm to tell me something, like "Aren't you glad we went to that museum?". When I'm tired, just leave me alone. Less than 3 weeks. I'm nervous.

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
7:28 pm
I've Had It With the Terrible, Terrible Waste
Hello everyone! I doubt many people read this, but oh well. I still like writing and have been doing much in my notebook. I don't even what day I wrote in this last. I'll just start on what has happened on Friday till now. Haha, I'll try not to go into TOO much detail.

Friday, Rachel and I went to Charleston. I was up since 6:30 b/c I had to watch Cassi for 1/2 hr. We watched "Arthur" and some "Spongebob" until Kyle came. Then I actually ate breakfast! Shocker, shocker! Toast and scrambled eggs. I make some damn good scrambled eggs! Then I got dressed and went to Rachel's.

The car ride was so funny b/c we were both tired and hyper, and our normal selves - so that made for some interesting conversations. She had a gas card for Phillips stations, so we were trying to find one. We passed St. Joe (I think), and I said "Oh, there was one. I guess we could look at the signs for what's at each exit." and she said "Ohhh yeah!". Yeah, one of those days. We got to Charleston and found a Phillips. Then we were trying to find parking and I said "Don't ya just wish you can fold up your car and put it in your pocket?".

We found parking and got our parking stickers, then went to the library. A really nice library! Didn't smell like ass and B.O., which is a step-up from the one I'm at! Then we met up with Rachel's b/f, or whatever he is, Buck (hahahaha - fuckin awesome name), and he took us to a really nice bar/restaurant for lunch. I had a portabello sandwich with potato salad. He ended up paying for all 3 of us, which was nice. He probably was gonna pay for his and Rachel's, and didn't want to hurt my feelings. Who knows and who cares - free food. We did all we needed to and stopped by Campus Town in Champaign for a bit, and that was interesting. I came home, showered, and fell asleep to "Angela's Ashes".

Saturday, I had to work. And since it was the book sale, it was fuckin mad all day. I was getting mad too. I was caught up then the ppl from outreach brought in more books for me to shelve, and I pushed my cart a little too hard and it slammed into the wall, just making a loud noise. When I got home, I showered and went over to Rachel's for a cookout. Started off with a margarita, beer with dinner, then a shot of pucker, then we had to play Catch Phrase with Rachel's sister, Becky and Becky's b/f, who both make me gag.

We were both goofy as fuck already so it was interesting. Becky's b/f has some cushy job in Chicago and he had the word 'business', and he said "Okay, I work at one of these." and I said "Brothel!". It wasn't my turn, but I wanted to say it. I had the word 'worm', and I said "These come out of the ground when it's wet." and Rachel said "Gopher!" and I said "Okay, no.". Then I had 'Frank Sinatra', I said "He was a famous singer in the 50s, in the Rat Pack..." and she said "David Bowie?" and I just looked at her. Hehehe. And Joe had the word 'coast' and he said "There's an East one of these, and one in the West..." and she kept saying "Side... sand dune..." and I was cracking up. I said "Let's go to the East Sand Dune with my pet gopher, David Bowie.". Then Joe had some word, I can't remember, but he said "We like doing this..." and I said "Ew! Don't wanna know!" and Becky threw a card at me. And Rachel had 'tunnel', and said "You go down one of these in your car..." and I said "WHAT?!".

I stayed for a bit and then Buck came. They went inside to meet her family, and I stayed outside and after awhile, I decided to leave. Mostly b/c I felt REALLY out of place. I lied and said I was tired.

I don't remember what I did on Sunday. I ran up to Wal-Mart and watched movies.

Monday, I had to work. That's all I remember doing. And gagging over two books being stuck together by chewed gum. Jessica actually cleaned the gum off. I would've just put them on Pat's desk with a note that said "Ew."

Yesterday, I had to watch Cassi in the morning. Well, from 8-12. We looked through pictures b/c I was trying to find a specific one of Kyle, and I ended up finding one of mom and it looks like she has a mullet. HAHA! I showed Kyle today and he was cracking up. I let her watch some TV and at 11, she wanted to get changed. It was her first day of school and she was so excited. So I let her change in my room and let me know when she was ready. I had a hell of a time doing her hair b/c it's so long and fine. I took her to her house and waited with her for the bus. She kept saying "Where's the bus? I need the bus!". Kyle came by and we got some pictures of her, then her bus came. I dropped my camera off at Wal-Mart and went home.

I checked the mail and there were 3 huge packages in the mailbox, all for me. It was like Christmas! From Whoa-Oh Records, I ordered a copy of the Ergs' "3 Guys, 12 Eyes" 7" EP, but with the CDR. They ended up sending me 4 7" EPs (Ergs, Dirt Bike Annie/Kung-Fu Monkeys, Triple Bypass, the GrandPrixx/the Proteens) PLUS a CDR with all EPs copied on. And tons of stickers and buttons. Then from Knock Knock Records, I ordered the Unlovables' "The Punk Rock Club EP" and with that, I got more stickers and a copy of the Vacants, which I don't really care for. But it was free. Then from SecondSpin, I got a copy of "Mystery Science Theater 3000: Eegah" (fuckin hilarious). So I took a shower, ate Pizza Rolls and watched my new movie :-D

I had to work again. It was really slow. I spent most of my time talking to Andrea and Mary Jane, and being incredibly ornery. Hey, Andrea says I'm like her sister, so I'll act like a little sister :-) She got asked out Monday night by this one guy who comes in there sometimes with his mom to help her out b/c she checks out the whole library. He seems nice, kinda white trash with his 70's porn mustache. And I guess he's really into NASCAR, and Mary Jane said she could help Andrea out with that part, and I said "Yeah, Andrea would just be like 'Do you watch Xena?" and they both laughed, and Andrea said "You're cruising for a bruising." Then Mary Jane said that one time, she was looking something innocent up on the internet, and got a porn page. And I said "Did you type in Andrea's name?" and they laughed and Andrea called me a bitch :-)

Today, I had the day off. First off, I need to say RIP Eric the Catfish. And RIP to my fan, the Wind Machine. Had to go get a new one tonight. But I unloaded the dishwasher, washed more dishes, put them in the dishwasher and unloaded those. 2 new CDs in the mail from Mutant Pop: Dirt Bike Annie's "Hit the Rock!" and "Live Jersey City 2000". They didn't hook me up with extra goodies. Going to Chicago Saturday! YAY! Art Institute and shopping! Tomorrow, I should have my new pictures. And I hope some certain ones came out ;-) And I still got some more tricks up my sleeve, and no one understands that except Rachel and I :-) Love ya all!

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
10:51 am
Sleep Away and Dream a Dream, Life is Just a Lullaby
Past 2 days have been so interesting. Monday night, I dunno what my deal is, but my nerves have been real short lately. I think it's work, I think it's finally driving me insane. Ppl who are as old as my mom tattle on others, seriously GROW UP! It's sad when I'm more mature than them! I don't tattle. I could give a rat's ass what ppl do! Seriously, don't tattle on ppl, it's stupid! Let the boss find out themselves if it's really a bad thing. But me talking to the other employees is hardly deemed as being bad. I'm a social and talkative person, get over it!

But anyways :-) I was pissed off as hell when I saw all the shit I had to shelve for the lazy fucks in AV. It was stuff from Friday until Monday b/c I remember checking some of the stuff in on Saturday, and Jessica remembered some stuff from Friday. I was tempted not to do it and just say "Oops! I forgot!", but then they would leave nasty notes around, saying Don't forget to do AV! Yeah, Mike was there all Monday, what the hell has he been doing? And it was unbelievable how much crap was there. I asked Jessica to help me, and even her, who seems like she has no emotions whatsoever, was pretty pissed off when she saw the cart. But together, it didn't take us too long. But it's just the principle of the thing. I don't mind helping ppl out, but don't fuckin take advantage of it. They're lucky I'm a nice person and that I don't like controversy, unlike Lindsay, who would've been like "Oops! I forgot!". But I spent most of the night, talking to Andrea and Sallie, who I love talking to.

OH! My dad got into trouble with me! I went downstairs to get my lunch and looked in the fridge to make sure my beer was still there b/c something told me that dad would've drank one of them. Yeah, he drank my Fuller's! The one beer out of the 3 I was wanting to try! So we agreed that if I buy beer, he can drink some, just as long as it's not the only one. I'm assuming he thought the 3 were the same, even though the bottles look completely different. So I treated myself to a Honey Raspberry Ale that night, and yes, it hit the spot.

Yesterday, I had the day off. So nice. I slept in, and pissed on the computer for a bit. Got into the shower, and watched some TV. Then I got dressed and ran some errands. Then I came home and made some chicken salad. I make good chicken salad! Mayonnaise, relish, fresh-ground pepper, garlic powder and onion powder! Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Then I watched "The Magdalene Sisters", which is a damn good movie! And Eamonn Owens is in it, and he's damn hot!

Rachel came over about 5:45 and we got some dinner at Burger King. I was pissed off b/c they put cheese on my Whopper, which to me, mayonnaise and cheese together grosses me out. I couldn't eat it, and barely ate any fries. Then I got changed into other clothes and me and Rachel left for Champaign to the Canopy Club for Open Mic Night b/c we knew we'd find something to laugh at.

First, we stopped by her friend, Emily's house, who has a really cute little boy. And we visited with her for a bit and left shortly after 8:30. Emily gave us good directions to the Canopy Club from her place, so we found it no problems. We were the first ones there, but we just found some comfy chairs and talked. The guy she's seeing, Buck (hahahaha), called and she was talking to him. He has a friend named Joe that she wants me to meet, so I got on the phone with Buck and asked questions about Joe. Okay, this is how sucky my hearing is. I asked him how old Joe is, and he said 23, I said "43?!" and he said "No, 23." and I said "33??" and he said "NO! 2-3." and I said "OH! 23! Well, that's not bad!", and Rachel was cracking up, as was Buck. Glad I can be so amusing :-P Then Rachel had me laughing b/c she pointed out some guy who just walked in, who had the Mitchell look going, but had a small purse around his shoulders, and I was laughing. And I said "Damn you Rachel!".

When we got there, we both had to go to the bathroom, and the stalls are pretty entertaining. I loved this one saying I read "Stop burning bridges and drive off of one.", then there was one that said "Hey Ladies! Think about this: you're sitting where great bands take a shit - now that's equality!", then another one that said "Looking for a good time? Go find a number in the phone book!". Then at the drive-thru at Burger King, Rachel misread a bumper sticker on the car in front of us. I can't remember what it actually said, but she thought it said Jesus Died So He Wouldn't Have To Be With You, which that's fuckin brilliant.

Okay, so more and more ppl are coming into the Canopy Club, and we're the only ppl there not drinking and/or smoking. Almost everyone there was smoking! Ugh. Okay, the host played some stuff and it's all accoustic, and she wasn't too bad. Her stuff all sounded the same, she sounded like someone on the Lillith Fair stage. The first to get on stage was some guy, who wasn't too bad. His first song sounded somewhat like a Violent Femmes song, and then he kinda reminded me of like John Mayer. He was nervous b/c we could barely understand him and his voice cracked a couple times. But he was our favorite of the night.

Then there was this obese Vietmanese-looking guy who came on stage, and I had to cover my mouth. I am so glad it was just me and Rachel b/c any of my other close friends would've made me have the giggles even more. Well, this guy started rapping and I was about to lose it. I had to look the other way. I couldn't understand a damn thing he said. We couldn't remember his name, MC-something. No, not mc chris b/c if mc chris was there, I would've been on him like a shark on meat. We just called the fat guy G-Unit. He had 2 friends with him, and one was videotaping his performance. I didn't think they would be his friends. One was wearing Abercrombie and Fitch, and the other was an Indian who looked like all conservative in his button-down shirt and khaki shorts.

One guy looked like he just dropped his kids off at his ex-wife's house before coming there. One guy looked like he just got back from hiking. A goth guy who was cracking us up. He had to have been drunk b/c we were watching him throwing back drinks non-stop for like an hour, and plus he couldn't sit still, so Rachel figured he was high on something. And he saw him dancing to G-Unit's rap. Okay, well, after G-Unit was the goth guy. The host came onto the stage to introduce him as "Moondog: Live and Undead". Well, if he's live, I'm guessing he isn't dead. And Moondog is the name of Gidget's boyfriend, and my mom used to love Gidget when she was little. Well, his name was Moondoggy, but still!

Okay, Moondog did flips onto the stage, sat down with his guitar and said "WHASSUP! How you all fuckin doing tonight?!" Yeah, we about lost it right there. I have no idea who to compare his shit to b/c it just sucked. So we left during the middle of his 2nd song. We fuckin reeked of cigarette smoke, which is a pet peeve of mine. So we drove back home, and when she got her stuff from my room, she left. I took a quick shower, checked my email and went to bed.

I had to get up at 6:30 to watch Cassi. She layed on the couch while I watched "Saved By the Bell". She asked me something about fishes, I have no idea what. Kyle came right at 7 to get her, and when they left, I went back to bed and woke up at 10 :-) I gotta work today, tomorrow and going to Charleston on Friday. These last few weekends at home should be so interesting! Love ya all!

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
12:07 pm
You Gotta Stop Pretending That You Know Better Cause I Know What I Need
Yes, this is my current favorite lyric from Nina Gordon's "Unsafe at Any Speed". I'm not gonna say what it means to me, but trust me, I have a reason for loving it. I'm loving this song, Unlovables' "If You Were Here" and "The Mike Herrera Song", and Suede's "Everything Will Flow", which is basically saying that you may think your life sucks, but everything will turn out for the best. And I just fuckin love that b/c, yeah, I was thinking my life sucked for awhile.

ANYWAYS! This weekend has been so much fun. I didn't have to work on Friday, and I slept in and got cleaned up to go run some errands. I had to go drop off the payment for the internet, then run by the credit union to deposit my paycheck, then go to the doctors to get my results of my TB test, which of course came back negative. And I got my physical form back. Then I went to put gas in my car, which cost me $25 to fuckin fill up my little car! That's the most I've had to pay for gas. Ricockulous!

Ashley came over about 5:30 and we went to Arby's for dinner. Amazingly enough, I didn't eat a whole lot. The curly fries didn't taste like they normally do, and I was getting full with the sandwich. Then I think we went to Wal-Mart. More than likely, we did. Oh yeah! We did b/c we had to waste some time. About 6:30, we left to go see a play her cousin was in. It was all kids (mostly elementary-middle school aged) doing "Sleepy Hollow". And I have Disney's "Ichabod Crane" on DVD, and I watched it when I was sick and Ichabod reminded me of Mitchell, all scrawny and lanky. So of course, Ashley and I had the giggles during the play. They all did a really good job, I was impressed. And I noticed they stole some choreography from Michael Jackson's "Thriller". But during the Halloween party in the play, Ichabod Crane showed a dance of his called "The Grasshopper" which was fuckin hilarious. Ashley was laughing hysterically and ppl were looking at us. I had to put the program over my face b/c I was laughing so hard, and I had to close my nose so I wouldn't snort.

After the play, we went to Steak 'n Shake for milkshakes. And yes, the infamous Fernando was working. Whenever I see him, I get the giggles. Rachel met us there and the jokes got funnier. Ashley being Ashley, absolutely fuckin crazy, got up on her seat and looked over the divider with her camera, and took a picture of Fernando - with the flash on. Me and Rachel slumped down in the booth, laughing and in complete shock that she actually did it. Then Mullet Man, or Frederico (we have no idea what the hell his name is), came in and Ashley took another picture - with my camera - of those 2 shaking hands. After we paid our bills, I established that we're gonna have to wait a looooooong time to go back in there. We'll have to go to the South one for awhile.

Saturday, I had to work all day. It was pretty laid back though b/c no one really wanted to be there. It was busy, but not crazy. And I was pissed off b/c the lady from DAO asked if I could shelve some books for her (she's fuckin disgusting, and I'm not being mean, but she's obese and it's gross). I was thinking like 20 books. No, more like at least 50. Bitch. But what I hate is how she asks as if I'm gonna say No. I was at the point where I just shelved them with the author, and probably not in alphabetical order by title, but oh well. Rachel came in and visited with me for a bit. We were looking at Nick's library account to see all of his past late fees, and yeah, we saw Bruce Springsteen, Anthrax, U2, Sarah McLachlan, Toby Keith, Peter Gabriel, and other weird shit. And above all of the items, it said Fine. And Rachel said "He must like a band called Fine." and I looked at her and said "Yeah, that means library fine." Wow. That's gonna be my new joke with her :-P She had a Nick moment ;-)

Rachel and I went to Champaign that night. And since I've had such a shitty week, getting in arguments with friends, well one, and just stressing and working, and lack of sleep, cramps, etc etc etc, I decided I needed a beer. So at dinner at Cheddars, I ordered a Rolling Rock with my dinner. Oh, it hit the spot. I'm not a huge beer drinker, but that stuff is soooooooo good! Rachel got a Bud Light and we felt much better after dinner. Afterwards, we went to Best Buy and I got the new Sealab 2021 DVD. Then I think we went to Meijer, then the mall, then Borders. We were laughing at some DVDs and joking about getting Nick the Carpenters Greatest Hits DVD or the ABBA one. Or Shania Twain or Sarah McLachlan, I can go on and on ;-)

We went to go see "Dark Water" and it wasn't too bad. It was fuckin freezing in there and all I could think about was how much I wanted a hoodie. And there were these black kids in there that would not shut the fuck up. One answered their cell phone during the movie and one of them kept taking pictures during the movie. I dunno what of, but it was fuckin annoying. OH YEAH! Me and Rachel went to the import store and got a 6-pack of 3 beers we wanna try. I got Fuller's (England beer!), and 2 others I can't remember the name of. I think one is Woodchuck and it's raspberry-flavored. Rachel got the same 2 as me, but got Dos Equus instead of Fuller's. We were listening to our mix CD the whole time, laughing at the Carpenters, Katrina and the Waves, Bon Jovi, and Shania Twain.

Yesterday, I slept in :-) and did chores most of the day. I unloaded the dishwasher and did like 5 loads of laundry. I watched some of my Sealab 2021 DVD, some TV, and started watching "The Magdalene Sisters", but turned it off to watch some stuff on TV. I had to watch Cassi for a bit, and she was getting an attitude with me. I was folding towels and she wanted to do something and I told her I couldn't. So I just brought up a game on the computer for her, and she did that. After I folded towels, I sat in my room and watched "The Magdalene Sisters" and did some writing.

Nick came over like around 6:30 b/c I needed to talk to him about something and plus he wanted his sunglasses. He got his sunglasses, but we never got around to what I wanted to talk about. Oh well. It was mostly him talking about god-knows-what, and just being Nick. He told me about this psycho girl he's kinda seeing and he was looking through my yearbooks, laughing at ppl. Good thing I was washing my sheets then b/c he like sprawled himself out on my bed and kept farting on it. Ugh. So I got back at him by making him listen to "Close to You". Rachel came over and we hung out for a bit. Then the 3 of us went to go see "Wedding Crashers", which was actually pretty good. Before that, Nick got some food and we were driving around while he ate, and we were making fun of his CDs. Then he made me put one in and it was a Grand Theft Auto CD with a DJ named Fernando Martinez and Rachel and I started cracking up. And I made the mistake of telling Rachel that Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" gets stuck in my head easily, and Nick overheard that. Damn it. So if I start singing "Close to You", he gets me back by singing "Sister Christian".

After I got home, my sheets needed to go one more time in the dryer, and I had the late-night munchies, so I finished my ice cream from like Wednesday. I watched some TV until my sheets were dry, then I put them back on my bed. I started watching more TV and was falling asleep, so I just went to bed. I gotta work today and I'm off tomorrow! Me and Rachel are going to the Canopy Club for Open Mic Night to see what kinda shit ppl will do. I'm sure we'll have new jokes :-) Love ya all!

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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
10:07 am
The Lovers Kissed With an Openness Will Say "Everything Will Flow"
YAY! It's the day after my doctor's appointment and I'm not sick! WHOO! I made sure I took flu medicine last night when I went to bed. That medicine and my other medicine should've knocked me out, but they must've canceled each other b/c I was hyper and didn't fall asleep until like 1:30. You can tell what kind of mood mom and I are in b/c she made a plate of sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies, and either dad knew and felt sorry or he was just being nice, but he went out and got us all ice cream from Dairy Queen. I could only eat half of it, it was good though. And we had Papa John's pizza for dinner, so I didn't eat anything healthy yesterday. Dinner was the only meal I ate, but I snacked on cookies, so all I had to eat yesterday was cookies, pizza and ice cream. Wow, that's so bad.

The doctor's appointment sucked yesterday. Nothing's wrong with me, I'm healthy and everything. I had to change into one of those gowns, then bend over and touch my toes. Grrr. I had to do the eye chart, get my blood pressure checked, my reflexes, my balance, and yeah, I dunno what else they were doing, but I went with it. I had to get two shots, ugh. I didn't cry or anything, I just looked away and bit down. I got my TB shot in my left arm and it looks like a giant purple mole. I have to go back tomorrow for the results. Then I got my first of 3 hepatitis shots. That shot is a bitch! I got it in my upper right arm and it's still sore! It feels like someone punched me in my arm. I get to get another one in a month. I have to get a menagitis shot, but they don't give those there, so I have to go somewhere else. OH! The hepatitis shot, I had to go to the pharmacy down the hall to get the medicine, and apparently, our insurance doesn't cover it, so I had to pay $70 for it. When I came home and told mom, she about shit herself. But with the illnesses going around, I'd rather have a sore arm than being really sick. When I had a swollen gland, I was out of it, and that's the most sick I've been in a long time.

I came home and was just lazy all day. It was so nice not having to work. I was gonna watch a movie, but decided not to. I talked to a couple of friends online, then called Rachel. I love talking to Rachel, she's too funny. I was talking to my friend, Krysten, who I really need to hang out with! She invited me to a party in a couple weeks. I'll go ahead and go b/c hell, not like anything else will be going on. Could be fun, and Rachel said she'll go with me, and who knows what stuff we'll be joking about. Krysten was all excited b/c she thought she saw Mitchell on campus. I asked her the questions: Was he carrying a bookbag? Was he walking with a hop? Did he have stringy brown hair? Was he skinny as hell? After answering yes to all 4, I said she saw Mitchell and she was excited.

I have to work tonight, ugh, I hate working Thursdays. I hate working with Pat. But Andrea's working, and she's awesome. She's like my big sister and we always rat on each other, and even though she's shorter than I am, I would hate to piss her off. And I gotta work with that Jessica girl, who I just don't like. She acts so fuckin snobby and she doesn't do anything. People think the sun shines out of her ass. I got like a month left though. Thank god.

Mom's been watching Cassi this week since she's off work, and she gets up early anyways. She watched her this morning and Cassi was up by 5 am, and when mom got there at 6:30, she asked what I was doing. Mom said sleeping and Cassi said "Still???" Yeah, I got up at 10 :-) My sleeping in is coming back to me. Yay! The other day, I woke up at 9:30 b/c my alarm was going off. Then I realized I didn't set my alarm and that it was the phone ringing. I was already up, but I just let the answering machine take it. I'm gonna miss my bed when I go to school. I hear the beds at school are slimmer than a twin-size bed. Ugh. I'm already used to my double bed. Some ppl hate how I have tons of blankets and pillows on it, but I've ALWAYS been like that, and I find it comfy. And no matter the temperature outside, I'll always wake up with at least one blanket on me, maybe all of them.

This weekend should be really fun. I'm hanging out with my best friends. Ashley, who I haven't done a whole lot with this summer, and I wish I could've, but we're hanging out Friday night. I think we're going to a play at school. I dunno what it is, but she wants to go to it, and why not. Could be interesting. Something different. And Ashley and I always have fun together. We're still planning a trip to Chicago with my parents before school.

Then on Saturday, I have to work all day. Ugh. Saturdays are the worse to work, especially if Pat's working, which I dunno if she is or not. But it's always dead, and I can never keep myself busy b/c I don't have the motivation to :-) and I'd rather talk to ppl. I'm a social person! I always enjoy helping ppl find books b/c it's better than staring at books. But after work, Rachel's coming over and we're going to Champaign. We're gonna get some food, go see a movie, and I need to go to Best Buy and get the new Sealab 2021 DVD!

And Sunday, I think mom's gonna make this pasta dish I've been wanting her to make for awhile. I found it in Gourmet magazine, but it has fresh dill, grilled salmon (yummy), cream sauce, onions and garlic (yummy yummy), and vodka! Haha. Mom doesn't wanna buy the vodka, but we can use it for other stuff! Perhaps other recipes or drinks, mom likes mixed drinks.

This summer hasn't turned out quite what I was wanting, but oh well. Not my fault. I tried and I still have time left to make it fun before going to school. And I got the wedding to look forward to! My dress is somewhere in the house. I think mom put it in the closet in the guest room. And I get new pictures hopefully tonight. These should be really interesting pictures. I hope the Fernando one came out. But I'm gonna get in the shower before Cassi gets here b/c I'm gonna have to watch her while mom runs some errands. Love ya all!

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Sunday, July 10th, 2005
7:29 pm
You Said That I Could Tie You Down
Past 2 days have been interesting. Yesterday, I had to go to a wedding at 1, so I was in the shower at 10 and we had ppl delivering stuff to the house, and mom and dad were gonna run errands, so I had to listen for them. So I had to go ahead and get dressed in what I was gonna wear to the wedding. So I was sitting on my bed in my skirt and top, watching TV. Damn, they didn't show up ;-)

I met Julia at the wedding and I've never been to this church. I hear they do a lot of "Hallelujia!" and all that kinda stuff, which I was waiting for. The wedding was set up really nice though, and I didn't care too much for the bridesmaid dresses, but Tosha's dress was beautiful. I dunno why, but I kept repeating this line over and over in my head from Mystery Science Theater's "Manos", where a werewolf howls and Tom Servo says "Go Howlin' Wolf, go! Go wop that wang dang doodle all night long!". Yeah, I'm weird, I hear that often.

At the end of the ceremony, they announced them as husband and wife, and when they turned around and this like light rock song started playing and I seriously felt like I was watching the ending of a romantic comedy movie. It kinda reminded me of the ending of "Clueless" when the 2 teachers got married. I was waiting for the end credits to start rolling.

The reception was small and also in the church, and we had to go through the line, which I fuckin hate doing. I only really know Tosha, so the rest was fuckin awkward. One guy said he knew me, yeah, never saw him before in my life. They were driving from the reception in a 1957 Bel-Air convertible, and Julia said she was gonna steal it. And I said "Yeah, I'm thinking they'd notice if a bright red 1957 Bel-Air convertible was missing, and I'm sure you wouldn't be hard to spot." And the others laughed and we walked to our cars, and Julia said "Like always, it's been fun Kayla!" and I think it was b/c of all the smart-ass comments I made.

I stopped by the library b/c Andrea is always complaining about never seeing me in a skirt. I got the Ooo's and Ahh's from her and Mary Jane, and Mary Jane was gonna ask Vonna to get the camera. Wow, that would've been creepy. I dropped off a copy of the Bloc Party CD for Andrea, which that is a fuckin awesome CD.

I came home and Cassi was there with my parents. Cassi wanted me to play Barbies with her, which mom and I somewhat did. Since they were my Barbies, there was stuff in there I made when I was little, like little props for them, like books I made. Like one called "Prince Charming and Me" (which I think is a real romance novel), "Fishing Facts", "Girl Talk", etc etc (yeah, I was a disturbed child). Mom was making fun of me too! Evilness. Then I lied and said I had to get ready (b/c I was still in my skirt - it was very liberating - hahaha!). So I went into my room and listened to some Kings of Leon, and washed my face b/c I had some eyeshadow on, and I hate wearing it.

I got dressed in my capris and a t-shirt, and Rachel came over and I copied some CDs of hers onto my computer (Letters to Cleo, Sleater-Kinney, and L7). We were starving, so we went to Fazoli's, and that was so enjoyable. I was craving that. The special ed lady came up to Rachel and started explaining the whole vibrating deal when you gotta wait on your food and pick it up when it vibrates all over the table, scaring you shitless. I had to wait till she left b/c I already had a bad case of the giggles.

After that, I realized I forgot my camera and so we had to go back to my house. I got 2 cameras b/c one was ready to get developed, and the other had a few left. We went to Wal-Mart and dropped off the one camera, and just wandered around for a bit. We spotted 2 mullets! Then we were looking at the gay birthday cards, and laughing at all the dumb ones.

I decided to play a mix CD a friend made for me, and I was intrigued by one by a band called the Revolting Cocks, and the song entitled "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?", which got me singing the Rod Stewart version. Yeah, same song pretty much, little NIN-sound, altered lyrics (I don't think Rod Stewart's version has KY Jelly in it). We both love the song, and it was on repeat for the rest of the night.

We went to see the movie "Land of the Dead". We had the giggles already and one of the commercials had the Carpenters' song "Close to You", which had us peeing ourselves (not literally of course). The movie was pretty good, better than "War of the Worlds". There was one part where the zombie was walking, and I heard a noise and thought it was farting. It was just a trumpet. Damn. False hopes.

I called Nick earlier to ask a favor and he left me a voicemail during the movie, so I called him back. He ended up meeting us at Steak 'n Shake and FERNANDO was working! Andy came with Nick, and with those 2, it's always interesting. Rachel and I came back here afterwards, and talked lots about stuff.

Today, I didn't do too much. I woke up at 10 and watched some TV. Got in the shower and met Kyle, Amanda and Cassi at the mall b/c the bridesmaid dresses are in. I tried mine on, and yay, no alterations needed. I have to pick it back up on Wednesday after my doctor's appt (I hope I don't get sick again). After that, I went with them to Sears b/c they were registering for a wedding gift list.

I came home and talked to Ashley on the phone until my battery was about to die. She's so fuckin hilarious. We made plans to hang out on Friday night, and Rachel and I will probably go to Champaign on Saturday night. We'll see what happens this week, hopefully good stuff. Love ya all!

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Friday, July 8th, 2005
7:06 pm
If You Wanted to Wait, Know That I'm Safe, I Won't Tell Anybody
Ahhh thank god I'm done with work for the weekend. It was so manic today. I was in a decent mood this morning - thanks to coffee! YAY! But ppl were just dumping dozens of books in and I was getting frustrated (imagine that). Then I did the holds list, and when I got done doing that, the guy was delivering the holds bags. I was like Damn.

There were 6 bags too. In case, you don't know the process, which I doubt you do, but they're huge canvas bags filled to the max with books, CDs, audiobooks, videos, DVDs, etc. And there's probably at least 50 items in each bag. I have to check in each item, and I either get to shelve it, or I put someone's name on a piece of paper and place it inside the item. Then place in alphabetical order by last name on the cart. And it takes about an hour to do all the bags. Meanwhile, ppl are still dumping shit in the drops. Grrr. So I did what I could until 12:45, then left for lunch. I did do a lot though. All the upstairs books, large-type, mystery and sci-fi.

I must've had a pissed-off look on my face b/c some random guy walked by me, and said "Smile!" and I wanted to tell him to Fuck off. I'm at work, what do I have to smile about? I'm shelving books, surrounded by creepy ppl who tell me to smile. And you know if I was smiling while working, no one around me, just smiling, that someone would think I was up to something or that I was weird, which I am. But that's not important. THEN when I was upstairs, I had to take the elevator back downstairs b/c I had the cart, and some guy just got off the elevator before I got on. God, I about gagged to death. You would've sworn he doused himself in cologne. I ran off the elevator when it reached the bottom floor, I needed fresh air. Which I didn't get b/c it is the library - which is a very public place.

I came home and ate some leftover brats. I love brats. And I had to put my hair up b/c it was driving me nuts, but since it's layered, I have stray strands falling down on my face, so I had to bust out the barrets! Might have to start using those for awhile. It was nice driving back to work b/c I wasn't playing my usual loud music. I was playing Nina Gordon's "A Time Comes", which I LOVE. I love her music. That's the only kind of music I'll actually try to be good at while singing along. Don't know how good I am, but oh well.

Then I went back to work and the funniest shit happened. The new woman upstairs is, I think, literally retarded. She wears these mocassins/wedge sandals, so she always walks like she has a cork up her butt. And she's my mom's age, approximately (I'd say mid-40s), and she's worn a tight mini-skirt, and a button-up dress that gaped open where it buttoned. And today, when I was walking to work from my car, she was in front of me and got in first. Then she saw me and opened the door. I said Thanks and walked in. THEN she stopped me and said "Excuse me, do you work here?" and I said "Um, yeah." and she was like "Oh okay! I thought your face looked familiar!". Wow. Seriously, would anyone even try to break into the library? While we're open? It's free to get in, not like we charge to get in. And the big black letters on the door that says STAFF ONLY would've been a dead giveaway. I told Sarah and Kathy, and they were cracking up.

So I got completely caught up by like 3:30. And I took my break at 3:45 and called Rachel. SO funny talking to her. It's nice talking to friends on breaks when it's crazy at work b/c it always puts me in a better mood.

After work, I met Julia and her sister at Wal-Mart to get the wedding present. Whee. Seriously ppl, why do you put stuff like dumbbells on a wedding gift list?

I'm so happy b/c Kathy is working instead of Pat on Thursday! I hate working with Pat. They switched me to Thursdays, so I now have Wednesdays off b/c, well what we think, is b/c Mary Jane told Pat that I spend too much time at the front desk talking to Kathy and Andrea. Who gives a fuck? It's only when I'm all caught up! And as soon as something comes in, I go get it. And then Mary Jane lies to my face and says she never says any bad stuff about me, even though four ppl have told me that she has. I don't really care. I'm not there much longer. But it's pretty sad when I'm more mature than someone who is my mom's age. I don't tattle on ppl. What they do is their own problem. Now if it was hurting someone, then I would, but that wouldn't be tattling. Mary Jane just acts like she never does anything wrong, even though I've seen her do tons of wrong shit. If ppl have a problem with me, oh well. I don't care. There are a lot of ppl who do like me, and I don't need anyone to ruin that.

I got an email from my Uncle Jeff about art museums to go to in Chicago b/c mom might take Ashley and I a weekend before school. We'll probably just to go the 2 main ones: Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art. He asked what artists I like, and like the dork that I am, I do have a list in a notebook of mine of the ones I do like. And one that I absolutely love is Oskar Kokoschka. Mostly b/c I love his painting "Bride of the Wind": http://cgfa.sunsite.dk/k/p-kokoschka1.htm (I hope that link works). I just think it's beautiful, perhaps it's the romantic in me. But I'd love to have a copy of that in my bedroom when I'm married. But I mostly love impressionist art, like Monet. Him and Van Gogh are my ultimate favorites.

I watched my new Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD last night - fuckin hilarious. They're watching "Manos: Hands of Fate". Horrible movie, even worse acting. There's a guy in there named Torgo, whose like retarded and slow-acting, and he's the caretaker. And once he starts walking, the camera zooms out to show his disfigured knees, which he looks like he's smuggling watermelons in his pants. Joel says "That's not how you wear your Depends!" and Crow says "Someone has been hitting the Thigh Master too much!". Hehehe!

Well, I'm gonna shower and relax. Love ya all!

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
10:30 am
I Found Out Too Late When I am Over It
I really need to quit talking while writing in this thing b/c all the extra clicking just messes me up. I had all this stuff written out, and it's gone b/c I clicked something I wasn't supposed to, and yeah. Well, damn.

So I haven't written in here in like 80 years and a day. I dunno why. It's not that I haven't been writing, I've been writing tons. Just not in this. I have a lovely little notebook in my desk I write in and have been writing in lots lately.

So tons has happened since I last wrote in this, not going into detail though. I was sick most of last week with a touch of the flu, got my hair cut, went to the doctors, hung out with friends, shopped, worked, went to my family reunion, etc etc. Been ornery more than anything of course! And yeah, Saturday was interesting, didn't end the way we wanted, but what can ya do?

Yesterday, I woke up at 9 and drank lemonade. There was coffee, but wasn't sounding good. I took a shower and watched "Mitchell" and laughed whenever I heard the name "Mitchell". I can't decide which is my favorite bit from that movie. I quote from all of the Mystery Science Theater DVDs I have. One time, Rachel dropped a receipt in the trash and it fell on the ground, and I said "Somewhere an Indian is crying...", which is from "Mitchell", so yeah. Ashley called me and talked for a bit. Then I got dressed.

I went to Rachel's, and went with her and her family to a friend's house in Lafayette. The house was fuckin beautiful, like my dream home. Not the decorating so much, but the size of it and the layout. It was two stories, high ceilings, a full basement, an inground pool, a hot tub, nice backyard. I was just in total awe.

We went swimming in the pool and it was so nice. I didn't put sunscreen on, but the sun wasn't strong enough, so I didn't burned! YAY! It was me, Rachel, Becky, and the two daughters. Yeah, me and Rachel were amusing everyone there. We kept making jokes about ppl and everyone was laughing, even though they had no idea who were talking about.

Once it was starting to get dark and cool off, we went inside and changed back into our clothes. We were fuckin starving and all they had out were snack foods, so we finished off a bag of tortilla chips. Once the parents figured out we were starving, they decided to start grilling the food.

While the food cooked, we played card games, and since I was learning the game and tired from swimming, I was kinda off in my own little world. The food was ready and my stomach was making noises. They had hamburgers and brats, and I dunno why I get hamburgers at other ppl's houses. I'm spoiled by the kind my dad makes, and I always compare other ppl's by those. These had NO flavor and were pink on the inside, which I fuckin hate. I love meat cooked well-done. I ate it though b/c I was hungry. And they had pasta! Penne pasta with asparagus! Yummy! And potato salad, and seafood salad! It had crabmeat in it, oh yum. I thought it was coleslaw, but yeah. It wasn't.

We left shortly after and me and Rachel sat in the back of the van, being stupid. We kept tugging on Becky's hair and she'd beat us with her pop bottle. And they were always asking what we were giggling at and asked if we were on pot. Her dad said "Share next time!". When we got back to her house, she changed and we left for my house. I changed and we went to Wal-Mart. Got some Smirnoff and Chee-tos (I was craving them!). I found that Nick left his sunglasses in my car Saturday night, so we were having fun with them. Taking stupid pictures with them b/c they look like they're from a sci-fi futuristic action movie.

We watched "The Goonies" while drinking a Smirnoff each (it was too late to drink the whole 6-pack) and snacked on Chee-tos. I took her home at 11 and went to bed at 12. I had to get up at 6:30 to watch Cassi. Amanda brought her over and Cassi just slept on the couch while I watched "Saved by the Bell". Kyle came right at 7 to get her. I went back to bed and woke up at 9:30. So here I am. Gotta work this week, go buy a wedding present Friday, and go to the wedding on Saturday. Talk about procrastinating! But I'm going in with Julia and she's coming from Charleston, so yeah. And they're registered at Old Drunk Guy (Elder-Beerman), so we don't have to make a trip to Champaign. YAY! I'm gonna shower now, so love ya all! :-D

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
10:06 am
I Think It's Almost Crimes
Okay, let me start off with this. I've told 2 ppl about this already, but I just think it's weird and hilarious. I ordered last week a used copy of "The Butcher Boy" from Amazon. Just yesterday, the guy was able to send it through the mail. Now, he could've told me he was busy, or sick, but no. I get this:

I just wanted to let you know that I got a bad case of
eye shingles several weeks ago – almost lost the sight
in my left eye. The eye doctor told me that it can
happen to someone who in under a lot of stress The
whole thing felt like a red hot poker was stabbing my
eye. I have
never felt such pain! – looking at a computer was one
of the last things I wanted to do.

Fortunately, the shingles was fought aggressively, and
I am much better now.

Wow! Didn't wanna know all of that! He could've said he was having problems with his eyes. I'm too clueless to even question as to what problems they could've been. I don't even know what eye shingles are. I suppose I could email him back and ask! Haha! I just thought that was hilarious, and weird at the same time. Yeah, my day was quite interesting yesterday.

So it started off normal. Got up, drank coffee, and watched Comedy Central. Around 11, Kyle called me and asked if I could run some errands for him b/c he was watching Cassi and like 5 of her cousins. I was bored and wanted to get out of the house, so I said Sure.

I took my shower b/c I hate leaving the house w/out a shower. While I getting ready, I was listening to my mc chris mix CD, and dancing and rapping along. If I know a song well enough, I'm not too bad ;-) Yeah, I suck, but oh well.

Kyle was sitting in his new squad car in the driveway, while all the kids were playing in the front yard with Dyna. I pulled into the driveway and Cassi came up to me, and said "Kayla, I can't play right now. My friends are over!". Damn! I wish she told me before I drove over there! Hehe.

Kyle gave me a list of what he needed from 2 stores. From Big R, he needed 2 copies made of a key, tire cleaner, cable ties, air freshner for his car, visor organizer, hula hoop, kick ball and wiffle ball. Well, he wanted a specific kick ball, like the kind with the hard rubber. I didn't find those or a wiffle ball.

At Office Max, he wanted an accordian folder, manila folders, clipboard, and stickers that you put on the keys of a computer keyboard - perferrably glow-in-the-dark. Yeah, no one even knew what I was talking about with the stickers.

So I went to Wal-Mart, and got a wiffle ball with a stick, like stick ball. And I picked up my pictures from Memorial Day with Rachel. Ppl at work saw them and asked if we were drunk b/c of how we are in the pictures. Amazingly enough, we were completely sober. Actually, me and Rachel act the same way when we're drunk and sober. I say plenty of stupid shit both ways. And I bought a bottle of diet coke b/c, well, I like diet coke.

These errands took me about 2 hrs. When I got back to Kyle's house, he was still in his squad car. So he payed me back, and I went home. I ate lunch and danced and rapped along to mc chris' "Eating's Not Cheating".

I went to work and I was pretty much back to my normal self. Smart ass and all. I had to work with Jessica, which I hate. I did most of the work b/c she hid upstairs "shelf-reading". Probably talking up some guy up there - or girl, hard telling which way she swings.

Rachel's sister, Becky, came in and I talked to her some. We were standing at the front desk and I was telling her about Sat night, and she was cracking up. Pat, my supervisor, was right there and heard everything I said. Later, Kathy said she couldn't believe all that I said in front of Pat. Hey, I wasn't doing anything wrong. Wasn't like I was drinking illegally, or doing anything stupid. Just drinking and hanging out with friends. But Pat was laughing with us, so whatever.

And yeah, she was telling me about taking Rhoda and her friend to Chicago Monday night to a Lifehouse concert, and how they didn't get home until 1:30, and how Rhoda got to meet the band, and they liked her Say Anything shirt, and blah blah blah. I swear, I know more stuff about that girl than I should.

Soon as it was just Kathy and Andrea at the front desk, I went up there to talk. Well, I went upstairs to look at the yearbooks to see Andrea, and let me just say, she was rocking the 80s hair like no one's business! Then I saw my Uncle Eric's pictures. Junior year, he had a mullet. Senior year, he looked like the lead singer of Spandau Ballet. It was so fuckin hilarious.

Then I spent more time over in the childrens dept, talking with Sara. I just sat in the empty chair next to her and talked. Jessica saw me over there, but I don't care b/c I did most of the work, so she can do some shit.

I went home and waited until 9 to call Ashley b/c it's free then. She knew I was calling her. Well, it wasn't until 9:30 b/c I was watching South Park. No one answered, then her mom did and said she was in bed. Well, I kinda need to tell her that I might not be home when she gets here. And of course, she never turns her cell phone on. I gotta take my mom to a mechanics b/c she's getting new tires on her car. I suppose she'll call me when she realizes I'm not there.

Well, I should get in the shower. Love ya all!

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
9:46 am
We've Got Love and Hate, It's the Only Way

Okay, so yeah, I feel better than what I did on Sunday.  Yeah, Sunday, I probably could've murdered someone.  No one in particular, but just saying, I was that mad.  But I'm getting back to my normal self.  Talking to Rachel and Nick has helped, and even going out to lunch with Miranda was nice b/c it took my mind off of things.  Mostly b/c I got another birthday present :-)

I'm listening to Broken Social Scene's "Almost Crimes" on Real Audio, and it's pissing me off.  It's one of my new favorite songs and the damn thing keeps breaking out b/c Real Audio sucks.  But I can't get an mp3 of the song.  I got a gift certificate to Chart Records, so I went there last week to see if I can get the Broken Social Scene CD.  Of course they never heard of them.  Imagine that.  Me liking a band that no one has heard of.  So they ordered it for me and said they should get it in by this Friday.  I hope so.  I have yet to hear the whole song the whole way through w/out it losing damn connection.  I almost got an idea of what the song is like.  So fuckin sad.

Yeah, Saturday at work sucked.  I was not in a good mood and I would frequently have to lock myself in the bathroom for a bit.  Lindsay came and I'm glad she did.  She came to take me for lunch for my b-day, and once she showed up, I just started crying even more.  But it was nice getting away from the library and being with my friend.  It wasn't the same, though, b/c I was barely talking.  Just kinda staring at random shit.

I got off work at 5:30, but b/c everyone takes their sweet-ass time getting their shit together, we didn't leave until like 5:35, which makes me mad.  I don't get paid for standing at the back door, waiting for everyone to get there.  I should.  People upstairs take 80 years and a day.  I'm expecting them to come downstairs with a suitcase in each hand, if it takes them that long to get their stuff together.

Rachel came over around 6 and we just talked for a bit.  Then I got cleaned up and Amanda came to get us around 7.  We dropped Cassi off at her aunts and did a couple stops before going to La Potosina for dinner, and no, not the one with El Gimpe - I hate that man.  We ordered half a pitcher of strawberry margaritas and got 4 drinks out of it.  But since there was 3 of us, I took the 2 glasses.  I dunno why, but I drink fast.  I can't savor it.  That sounds stupid, but oh well.  The waitress left work while serving us, like her shift was up.  Wow.  So the busboy, I'm assuming he was, took care of us.  He said that if we drink too much to drive home, he can drive us home.  Wow, that was fuckin creepy.  He asked if we wanted more margaritas, and Amanda said only if they're free.  Then she said we're celebrating a 21st b-day and so he gave us each a glass on the house.  That was fuckin awesome!

So from there, we went to a gas station b/c Amanda needed cigarettes and Rachel and I wanted bottled water.  I'm not used to Amanda's new car and the corner of the car door hit my stomach.  It left a huge bruise there.  But I bruise easily.  You can throw a cotton ball at me and I'll get a welt.  So me and Rachel were deciding which was the cheapest bottled water and finally got some.  We were waiting to pay at the counter, and I dunno what it was, but there was some like beeping noise that kept sounding.  And being the dork that I am, I kept imitating it.  Rachel and Amanda were cracking up and the lady behind the counter was looking at me weird.

So we went to a bar called O'Brien's, which is actually a decent bar.  Not the normal white trash bars we have in town.  I'm not saying it was all glitzy and shit with beautiful people everywhere, but not everyone was donning tattoos of skulls with flames, cigarette hanging out of their mouth, Lynard Skynard shirt.  Well, not to toot my own horn, but we looked pretty normal compared to everyone else.  I had no idea what to wear, and Amanda said to just wear jeans and a shirt.

There was a girl about our age wearing a skirt too small on her, with her fat rolls hanging over the edge, shirt too small, hanging over a guy old enough to be her grandpa.  He was barely paying attention to her.  He was playing a video game.  And her fat was all bunched in the back and it looked like an ass crack, which I said, probably too loud, but yeah, I said it.  Oh well.  Rachel was complaining b/c her beer was already cold.  I told her that I dared her to take it to the bartender and tell him that it's defective.  Amanda's sister and her b/f met us there, and they heard us say that and was cracking up.  So right after we finished our beer, I said something like "If you're gonna be humping up on your grandpa, get a damn room!", and that's when we decided to go to another bar.

We went to the Factory, which is a bar and dance club.  We just got some beer and sat up in the balcony, making fun of everyone on the dancefloor.  There were these fat girls that looked alike, same haircut, outfit, etc, and I called them the Doublemint Twins.  They were dancing up on each other.  There were these girls all over dancing on each other, and it was so gross.  They might as well have been fuckin.  We actually saw 2 girls kiss.  We about gagged.

Then we took shots and there was no way I was doing tequila.  So Rachel and I took shots of apple Pucker.  After that, I was done.  I was kinda drunk, but I reached my limit and didn't want anymore alcohol.  Neither did Rachel, so we just drank iced water.  Then there was one guy dancing on the floor and he was fuckin hilarious.  Biggest nerd, I don't think he was with anyone or even drinking.  His dancing looked like he was having a spasm.  We kept laughing at him.  He got in a dance-off against a black guy, which was gay, but hilarious, and the nerd won.  After that, we went to a truck stop and I got home around 3:30.

I had to get up at 8 the next morning to go to Champaign with mom.  I felt bad b/c I was extremely tired and depressed all day, and she was looking forward to Sunday b/c she wanted my opinion on fabrics for new pillows in the living room.  There was an upside to my day.  We went to eat lunch at Panera's, and I had to go to the bathroom.  There was only 2 stalls and both were occupied, so I was waiting.  There was an old woman in the handicap stall, and she let out a huge, drawn-out fart.  I about peed my pants right there.

On Monday, I met Miranda for lunch at Fazoli's.  Which was good for me.  She gave me my present and it was playing cards for a girls night out, a drinking game, a photo album, a cocktail shaker, and a 7Up glass.  The glass is really weird.  It looks like a bong.  It skinny at the top and fat at the bottom, like an upside down fountain glass.  The 7Up logo is upside down, so I thought she got a defective glass.  Then once I showed my parents, my dad said "OH!  That's cool, like you've been drinking too much!" and I played it off, like I knew that the whole time and said "Yeah!".  Oh, my blonde hair never lets me down.

At work, Jessica went home sick, which I could care less about.  I don't like working with her.  It was like working with her, though, b/c I was still doing all the work while she hid upstairs shelf-reading.  I can't shelf-read.  It makes me dizzy and nautious.  The numbers and letters start to jumble.  That's why when I do, it's a small selection, like the new non-fiction.  I can shelf-read those in like 15 mins.

I went home from work and the weather got bad, which sucks b/c I was gonna call Ashley.

Yesterday, I did shit during the day.  Watched a movie about H.H. Holmes, which was fuckin creepy, but interesting.  I went to work and was bored the whole time.  I kept hoping people would call my phone, but of course, no one did.  Grrrr.  I spent most of my time talking to Andrea and Mary Jane.  Mary Jane was looking at sexual predators in Illinois, and scary enough, I know one of them really well.  We'll just leave it at that.

When I got home, I talked to Rachel on here and emailed some people.  Then I made my dinner and talked to Ashley on the phone, which I love doing.  She's fuckin hilarious.  She always puts me in a good mood.  She said she saw Mitchell at school and she was honking her horn, but he didn't turn around.  Hahaha.  I'm getting back into my writing mood with writing Mitchell stories.  I wrote one last night at 1:30.

I found out that the Former Fat Boys, the weird guys who opened for mc chris, actually have a website.  And I was looking at their pictures from that show, and there's one that had me laughing hysterically.  And it's funny b/c the singer of that group is a DJ at 107.1, and I've actually talked to him on the mc chris message boards about getting mc chris at Champaign.

 I hope it came out, but yes, that's me and Ashley trying hard not to laugh, but what got me is the infamous blue composition notebook that has most of our Mitchell stories and pictures!  If it doesn't come out, go here: http://www.neverbeenlaid.com/gallery/mcchrisshow/P1010120

Another thing that is incredibly funny is on Friday, I woke up.  Came into the kitchen and one of the workers came in with his shirt unbuttoned half-way, his chest hair sticking out.  He said "Morning." and I was trying hard not to throw up.  It was like a bad Brawny ad, except they would need the Brawny to clean up my puke.

So yeah, I'm done talking.  Love ya all!

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Sunday, June 12th, 2005
9:26 pm
Fuck It
Since Jan 2005, I have had my heart broken three times. Twice by the same guy and the third time just the other night.

This is gonna be a bitchy entry, so get over it.

I should not let myself get attached anymore. I really fuckin shouldn't. But I do, and it fucks with my heart later on.

I have been crying off and on for the past 2 days and I can't fuckin stop.

I wanna say "Fuck him, he's a prick.", but at the same time, I also want to say otherwise.

And I don't want ppl to feel fuckin sorry for me b/c it was my mess that I fuckin gotten myself into. I knew something was gonna happen by meeting him, I fuckin knew it. I should've trusted my fuckin judgement.

I didn't think I was even gonna like him like that, but I did. More than I probably should've, but I couldn't help it. I connected with him. I felt like he understood me, which many ppl don't. Apparently, he doesn't. Didn't give me a chance either.

And I know it hurts this bad b/c it just happened, but I feel fuckin lost. Like I have no idea what to do. I wanna do something violent, something regretful, but that's fuckin stupid.

I'm trying to make myself feel better by saying he's just a guy. Nothing fuckin helps.

He said he couldn't understand how I could like him as much as I do as short of a time we've known each other, but he doesn't understand how much I respected and admired him as a person. And I fuckin hate ppl talking themselves down, which I fuckin do all the time, and that makes me a fuckin hypocrite and I don't fuckin give a shit, but he does it and has no fuckin reason to.

Just everything hurts now. I don't even like ppl hugging me now b/c it makes me feel pathetic. I don't like ppl feeling sorry for me b/c I got dumped for reasons beyond my comprehension. Apparently, they were good reasons, and I think everything is complete bullshit.

I'm not letting myself get attached for a long time. I should've known better. I let my guards up and get slapped in the face.

And the stupid shit is I'm not even mad at him, fuckin pissed at him, and all I wanna do is tell him off.

If there was all this drama in his life, then why did he wanna get involved with me in the fuckin first place?

"I wasn't looking for a girlfriend..." - he should've kept it that way and not have gotten involved with me.

I'm sure I'm gonna be biting my tongue later on after writing this, but right now, I just don't fuckin care. I have so much anger built up. Fuck everything, I give up.

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Friday, June 10th, 2005
9:17 am
Now You Ain't Got a Number, You Just Wanna Rhumba
So I'm finally 21. It doesn't feel like it. I don't feel any older or anything. So the only difference is now I can drink legally.

And for all of you who remembered my b-day - thanks! I got cards, emails, text messages, voicemails, etc wishing me happy birthday! I'm glad ppl still remember my b-day.

So I haven't written in here for like 80 years and a day. I should write in this more often. Well, I would've earlier this week, BUT we have construction workers here and they cut a wire that disconnected any sort of connection to our internet and the 2 bedroom phones. Fuckin retards. I hate these guys. They knocked out a wall in our kitchen and is extending our porch. They're talking to me like we're BFFs, and yeah, I really have no desire to speak to them whatsoever. And I know I'm just fuckin paranoid, but one time, one of them needed me to call my mom to ask a question and he stood in the doorway of my bedroom the whole time. I wanted to tell him to wait on the other end of the hall. Grrrr.

My b-day was very nice. I slept in and lazed about the house for a bit. I met my mom for lunch at Charlotte's, where I got an egg salad sandwich on a croissant and a bowl of French onion soup - mmmmm! Then later on, Rachel stopped by with my present. We talked a lot about stuff and had fun making fun of ppl, which we do all the time. We talked a lot about Sunday night, which we just sat on her front porch, drank, and made fun of ppl even more. We named her cat Frederico, her Welcome dog Boner and a mosquito Murray. We weren't drunk, just tipsy. Still interesting though. I found out that Red Bull with Vodka is very, very good. We ended up doing some stupid shit we regretted the next day, but it's all good now.

Okay, back to my b-day: Rachel got me the Super Troopers DVD :-) A fuckin awesome movie. Then Andy came over after he got off work and he took me out to eat at O'Leary's. Then we went to the park and hung out on the swings, then went to some stores, then walked around my neighborhood, and then hung out in my basement. He went home at 10 b/c he had to get up early that morning, and he had like almost an hour drive home. So after he left, I called my brother up and he invited me over. I got dad to drop me off :-)

It was Kyle, his best friend Eric (who I have known since I was like 2), their friend Mike and his g/f (I don't remember her name). Amanda came home from work soon after. Everyone was smoking except me and Mike, and apparently Kyle only smokes when he drinks. Shhhhhhhhh my parents don't know. So Kyle made me a stiff margarita, which was fuckin good. They were surprised how fast I drank it. So when Amanda got home, he made me another one and her one. Then they wanted to take shots to toast my b-day. So I had to either choose from taking a shot of Southern Comfort or tequila, and I chose tequila b/c Southern Comfort is fuckin disgusting. So we toasted my b-day and downed the drinks, and I followed it with a gulp of Bud Light.

Rachel called me and I was standing in their front yard, stumbling back and forth while talking to her. She said I didn't sound too bad, but she thought it was funny how I kept saying that I could just lay down in the grass and fall asleep. This was after 2 margaritas, a shot of tequila, a can of Bud Light, and half a can of Coors Light.

I was cussing during the night much, much more than what I usually do. I kept threatening to kick Kyle and Eric's ass, and I kept calling them fuckin pricks. Kyle wanted Jaegarmeister (sp?) and I told him that we have a bottle of it in our basement fridge, and he said that was his and I said "Then go home and get it, you fuckin pussy!" and they were cracking up. Then Eric, whose a cop, threw an empty box of Bud Light at my head and I stood up, like I was gonna kick his ass, and he ran off. I guess I was doing the headnod like my brother does when he gets drunk. They wanted me to take a shot of Jaegarmeister and I didn't want to, but they coaxed me into taking a sip. Soon as it hit my tongue, I spit it out b/c it tasted like bitter black licorice, and I hate black licorice. Then they wanted me to try to eat Chex Mix to get some food in my stomach and I love Chex Mix, but it tasted so gross to me. It was all gritty in my mouth and I said it tasted like kitty litter, and spit it out in the yard.

So I decided I needed to get home at 2:30 b/c I had to be up at 7:45 to let the construction workers in at 8. And I was falling asleep in my chair. So Amanda took me home and I got cleaned up, and went to bed.

I woke up around 7:30 and felt like complete shit. I had 2 margaritas, a shot of tequila, and 2 1/2 cans of beer. I got a glass of water b/c I was burning up. They came around 8 and I let them in. I went to lay in bed and ended up getting sick a few times. And I felt nautious all day. I went to work and they had gifts for me there. Then I came home and went to bed early.

I don't plan on getting that drunk for a loooooooooooooooooooong time, if ever. I figured it was my 21st b-day, and you only turn 21 once. But yeah, I payed for it. But at the same time, it was fun hanging out with them. When I left, I gave Kyle a hug, and Mike and Eric gave me fives.

So for my b-day, I got clothes, money, DVDs, books (Roddy Doyle!), candy, a photo album, a scrapbook, and lotion/bodywash stuff.

Tonight, I'm hanging out with Ashley and Rachel. Ashley and I are exchanging presents b/c her b-day is the day after mine, June 8th. And tomorrow, I'm working 9-5:30 :-( but I'm going out with Amanda and Rachel to drink. BUT I'm not drinking near as much as what I did on my b-day.

Well, I'm actually out of words to say now. Love ya all!

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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
12:50 pm
It Doesn't Matter Who You Think You Might Be You Are
Hey everybody! I'm home on my lunch break. I'm working 7 1/2 hrs today, and I fuckin hate it. It's so fuckin boring. Good thing Andrea is working b/c otherwise, I'd be bored out of my mind. When was the last time I wrote in this thing? I don't remember. Was it earlier in the week? Hmmm, I dunno. Screw it.

I haven't done anything this week except work. Blah.

HOWEVER, I didn't work Wednesday and Andy got off work at noon so we hung out all day. It was nice. Quite amazing that you can hang out with someone that long and not get tired of each other.

We went out to lunch at Monicals, then went to a park and talked. Then went to Wal-Mart, then Sam Goody. Then back to my house and my parents made hamburgers (yummy) for dinner.

After dinner, Andy and I walked all over my neighborhood and talked more. Then watched a movie at my house. I enjoy talking to him b/c I know I can be myself and he won't think I'm weird for whatever comes out of my mouth. If you know me well enough, you know I say of the most random shit.

Thursday, I worked. La-dee-fuckin-da.

Yesterday was my mom's b-day. I went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff. One of mom's friends got her an Italian Creme cake, but I figured that not everyone would like coconut. So I went and got some stuff to make another one of mom's favorite cakes: Red Velvet with cream cheese icing.

Then I realized on my way home from there that we didn't have the right type of oil for the cake. So I called my brother and asked if I could borrow some b/c there was no way in hell I was going back to Wal-Mart. So I went to Kyle's and that was quite interesting.

Cassi was being herself. Dancing the Robot to "Bust a Move" and Kyle was doing random dances like the Lawnmower and the Sprinkler. It was fuckin hilarious. Then Cassi wanted Kyle to spin her around in his desk chair 35 times, so he did. I had to sit nearby b/c I had to catch her when she got out of the chair. Midway through the spinning, her head was glued to the back of the chair and she had this look on her face: eyes wide open, mouth open. Kyle stopped the spinning and soon as she got off the chair, she fell on her knees. Kyle helped her up. She was walking like a drunk towards me and she fell in my arms.

I went home and made mom's cake. And let me tell ya how smooth I am! I let it cool off for like an hour. I went to put the icing on and all was going well. Then I accidentally dropped the icing container on the cake and lifted it up, bringing some of the cake with it. So the icing looks pink now. Oh well, bite me :-D

I bought two movies at Wal-Mart in the $5 bin: "Kiss the Girls" and "Single White Female". I watched "Single White Female" and that was pretty interesting. Then Andy called me so I talked to him. Then I had to get ready to go out to eat.

I went with my parents to Champaign to go eat at Biaggi's, and Kyle and Amanda showed up as well. I got Lasagna Portabello. Mmmmmmmm, spinach and portabello mushrooms! Yummmmmmmmmy! Then we came back here and Cassi came with Kyle and Amanda. We had cake and ice cream and mom unwrapped her presents.

Then Andy called me when he got off work. And shortly after getting off the phone with him, I went to bed.

So I'm working today and bored out of my fuckin mind. I dunno what else I'd be doing, but I sure as hell don't wanna be there.

After work, Andy's coming over and we're gonna go get Lacey and head to Lindsay's open house. And tomorrow, I gotta go to a family friend's son's first b-day party. Cassi will be there, so I'll be entertained :-) Gotta get ready to go back to work. Love ya all!

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
10:38 am
The More You Want It, the Less You're Gonna Get Back
I know I haven't written in this since last week, but yeah, bite me. Hehehe. I've spent a lot of last week catching up on sleep and being so ecstatic about not ever having to go back to that school again. Well, at least not for educational purposes.

I have to really think what I did last week. Besides finishing up with school, I worked. Um, what nights did I work? Tuesday. And I had Wednesday off. I went over to Lacey's after dinner and we just hung out, which was fun b/c I haven't seen her in awhile. And we had so much to talk about. We watched "The Good Son", which I always heard was scary, and it wasn't at all. It sucked. But oh well, it was still fun to hang out with Lacey.

I worked Thursday, I think, yeah. Then I worked 1-5:30 on Friday and just working those 4 1/2 hrs that day made me fuckin mental. I wanted to go beat some heads in, it was fuckin busy. I was getting mad. And they were having an open house for a woman whose retiring upstairs, so we weren't technically closed. So stuff kept coming in. So at 5:30, I just left. I'm not gonna be there for free :-)

So after work, thank god, Andy picked me up. And yes, Amanda, I have a b/f now - official Friday night. Thanks for the 3rd grade k-i-s-s-i-n-g song :-P Nice touch. But we went to China Star, which it's SO awesome to have a b/f who likes Chinese food! He doesn't like onion a whole lot and hates mayonnaise, which may cause problems. Hehehe. Andy, you got problems! Hehehe. After that, we just drove around to random places and talked. It was really nice. He drove me to his town, which is a small town. We drove by his best friend, Corbin's (hehehehehe), house. Yeah, he's not his best friend. He's quite fun to make fun of though. An overweight farmer who wears pink t-shirts. Hahaha. I got home about 2:30 :-) and crawled into bed.

I woke up about 9 or so on Sat and did chores most of the day. Mom and dad were gone, and I didn't wanna watch TV all day. So I did dishes, laundry, and just picked up around the house. Then my parents came home around 4:30 and mom said "I don't think you coming home at 2:30 from dates is a good idea." and I said "Why? I'm almost 21." and she just kept quiet. Probably b/c she had no comeback. Then she started talking about her new quilting machine, and I just said "Whatever." and walked off into my room. I stayed in there until Andy, Rachel and Nick came over at 6.

Since my car is the only other one, besides Rachel, that the 4 of us can fit in, I lied and said I didn't feel like cleaning out my car, and we should just take the guys trucks (which I'm glad we did). So we went to Famous Dave's BBQ and like always, the guys had me and Rachel cracking up. I think I got a sandwich I was thinking was coming else. It wasn't bad, I was just thinking I was getting something else. Oh well. Hehehe.

Okay, well, Andy works with psycho. And who knows what psycho would do if he found out we're dating b/c he THINKS Andy's his friend. And since psycho is moving to Indiana very soon, we're trying to keep him from finding out until he's gone. But I was just waiting for us to run into him.

So after dinner, we go to Best Buy and Rachel and I head to the bathroom. Well, on the way back, I just happen to look over by the DVDs, trying to find the guys. Well, I see red hair and freeze. And I said "Holy shit! It's psycho!" so Rachel and I are running, trying to find the guys. Andy and Nick see us and call us over by the electronics, and they've already seen him. So we run out of there.

Then we went to the mall and that was humorous, especially at the arcade. After that, we went to play miniature golf, and usually I suck at that game. I wasn't doing too bad. Andy said I was gonna have to ride home in the back of his truck. Hehehe. Sorry Andy! I usually suck at that game!

Then we went to Meijers and it's so nice being with guys who are goofy most of the time b/c it makes stuff more fun. We spent most of our time in the CD/DVD section, and it kinda got out that I was telling Rachel that Nick and Andy have "guilty pleasures" in music (I won't say what they are). BUT I told Andy my guilty pleasures, which are worse than his, so he can use those against me :-) And he said something ornery (imagine that), and I just punched him in his side. Not thinking I punched him hard! Apparently, I did. I had no idea how hard I can punch, but I felt really bad. Sorry about that too Andy! I didn't know I can punch that hard.

After that, we went to Steak 'n Shake for desert. We each pretty much got milkshakes. We're there talking for like at least an hr. And we got our check, and we're getting ready to leave and Andy says "Fuck!" and I look up, and see psycho walking towards the bathroom. So as soon as he's in there, Andy and I run out to his truck. Nick and Rachel got cornered by psycho into a conversation. When they came out, Nick said he smelled like a keg, and he was with his butch-g/f, who Andy and Nick so sweetly call Grape Ape. Hehehe.

We went to Wal-Mart for a bit and that was amusing as well. We drove home after that and Andy and I ended up talking in his truck until like 3:30. I got into my room and got my phone out to charge and realized I didn't have my phone.

So the next morning, I call Rachel and she's at work. I call Nick's house, and ask for his cell phone number, and call him and ask for Andy's (b/c all of my numbers are just programmed into my cell phone). So I call Andy and left a voicemail saying I think I left my phone in his truck, and asked if he would stop by before or after his sister's dance recital to drop it off. Well, it was in there - thank god. And he didn't go to the recital, but drove 45 mins or so, to bring me my phone :-) He thought I purposely left my phone in there to get him to come over to my house, which isn't true. I'm not smart enough to think up something like that. However, for future times...

He went with me to the mall b/c I had to get some stuff, and we went to Burger King b/c I was hungry. I bought him a strawberry milkshake :-P and we went back to my house. We just sat in the bed of his truck talking for a long time. He left around 5 and I got in the shower b/c Ashley was coming over at 5:30.

Ashley came over and we went to Wal-Mart b/c we had to get stuff for dinner. We saw this one girl who had long hair on the sides and a mohawk on the top. I said she looked like Woody Woodpecker, so whenever we saw her, I did the Woody Woodpecker laugh, which is mean, I know :-D

We had dinner and went to see a movie - "Kicking and Screaming", which sucks - don't see it. We were laughing more at this one guy who resembled a mole. He was there by himself and I think it was b/c we caught him on numerous times picking his nose then eating it. Hotness.

After that, we went to K-Mart and County Market, just to be stupid. Then to Steak 'n Shake and I got a text message from Andy, and when Ashley read it, she was laughing and saying "Awwww..." at the same time. We went to Wal-Mart afterwards and I bought "Jawbreaker" on DVD for like $5.

I talked to Andy on the way home and after that, Ashley and I wrote more Mitchell stories. We watched "Jawbreaker", and since I was lacking in sleep, I was dead tired when the movie was over at 1:30, so we went to sleep.

Her mom called our house and that woke me up at like 10:30. When she left, I did random shit around the house, then went to work. I did hardly work. Mostly childrens books were turned in, and we just check those in and put them on the cart for the childrens dept to deal with. I don't even think I went upstairs yesterday.

Kathy and Andrea was working and I love working with them. I always make fun of Andrea b/c she puts CDs on hold under her dad's name. And she put a Seven Mary Three CD on hold under his name, so I said "WHOO! Rock out with Ross!" and she was cracking up. So I busted out my artistic skills and drew her a picture of a hand in the headbanger position (pinky and pointer up) and wrote "Rock Out With Ross!!" on it. She laughed and said she was putting it up on her fridge. She said she can tell who my uncle is b/c of my drawing (b/c my Uncle Eric is a fuckin good artist).

I came home, ate dinner, Andy called me when he got off work, then when he got to his friends house, we said Good-Bye, and I watched TV until 11:30, and went to bed. So now, you all are up to speed in my life. Some other stuff may have happened, but yeah :-) Love ya all!

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
11:15 am
Getting Thin Like Your Twin on the Scene
Okay, so yeah, school is finally over. I'm finally done with that school, aka Satan's asshole. That place is fuckin horrible. If I end up living in here (god, I hope not), as soon as I get married, I'm saving money for my kids to go to a 4-year school after high school b/c I am not letting them go to that school. I don't know how many times I got screwed over and lied to there.

I had my three harder finals on Monday: sociology, science, and ethics. I somewhat studied for ethics. I had no idea WHAT to study b/c we never talked about anything in there, we just watched videos. And I usually fell asleep. Or talked to Krysten. I did the extra credit though, so yeah :-)

I'm not too worried about my grades in sociology and science. Our paper for sociology is worth more than the final and I got an A on it. And I got a B on my paper for science. And I think I have a B in that class.

So after my ethics final, I went to sell back my books. They wouldn't take my sociology and ethics books b/c they're getting new editions of them. And they wouldn't take my science book b/c they have more than enough. And I wasn't selling back my art history book, so yeah, I didn't get any money back for my books. See, that school fuckin sucks.

Art History was fuckin easy. We had two slide ID sections: the first part, we had to put the artist name and the title; the second part, the movement the piece was made in. I know I got all the movements right, which is what I worried over. I know I missed one of the pieces from the first section. It wasn't on any of the study guides, but I should've known he was gonna put it on there. He did for that test. And I know the artist was Velazquez, but I couldn't remember the title for anything. So I at least got half-credit. Not like Velazquez means anything to most of the ppl who reads this, but yes, he was a Spanish artist of the Baroque era, and Mitchell showed us the painting "The Maids of Honor". AND I knew he was gonna show Frida Kahlo b/c he's like in love with her. And I was right. He showed her painting "Self-Portrait with a Thorn Necklace" on the movement bit, and that was surrealism.

We watched the movie "Frida" in class, and that movie was fuckin weird. Mitchell was the only one enthralled by it. He was probably thinking "That Frida looks like a good piece of ass!" and I caught him giggling during some parts. It wasn't even a funny movie, it was fuckin weird. You have to be on drugs to understand it, which is probably why Mitchell loves it so much.

I was like the 3rd person to finish. He looked at me dead in the eyes when I handed my test in, and I just walked off. Hehehe. He creeps me out. Ashley was one of the last to finish and I guess he was asking her if she was gonna be there next year, and she said "Yeah, and I'll probably have you for drawing." and he smiled and said "I really hope so!". Hahahaha. I think he has a crush on her. Sucks to be Ashley!

On Monday night, mom said "There is one final standing b/w Kayla and her finishing school." and I said "Yeah, and it's Mitchell." and she said "I'm sure you can just push him over!" - see! Even my mom makes jokes about that man! I told her I was inviting him over for Sunday dinner and she laughed, and I did an impression of him saying "I'll bring the iced tea!" since that's all he drinks.

ANYWAYS! I don't have to work today and I'm hanging out with Lacey tonight. I have no idea what we're doing. But it'll be nice to visit with her. She's gonna be at camp most of the summer :-( Luckily, she's going with me to Lindsay's open house b/c I sure as hell didn't wanna go on my own. And Andy can't go b/c butthead has to work :-) Hehehe.

I might do some chores today to make the day go fast, and Maury isn't on until 1. And it's a good one, finding out the baby's daddy. Here's an idea: keep your legs closed! Just a thought. UNLESS it's with ONE guy. If you're baffled whose the dad b/w like 8 guys, yeah, you're a slut. Just saying :-) But I always like watching those shows b/c I'm a dork. Maury is awesome. You can tell he cares - hahaha!

At work yesterday, I saw my fifth grade teacher and she recognized me. So I talked to her for a bit. Then my friend Heather came in, and got updated on everyone b/c I'm horrible with keeping in contact with my high school friends.

I found this website through Veruca Salt's website and these guys combine 2 songs together. Like the music of one song and the vocals of another one to make one song. See, they did Veruca Salt's "Seether" music with Yazoo's "Don't Go". That's why I heard of it b/c I love Veruca Salt. But let's see what else I downloaded: Green Day's "Holiday" with Opus III's (never heard of them) "It's a Fine Day", Sahara Hotnight's "Walk on the Wire" with Samantha Mumba's (one of my guilty pleasures - shut up; yes I have her CD) "Gotta Tell You" and this one is my favorite so far, Von Bondies' "Broken Man" with Sarah McLachlan's "Silence" (I like Von Bondies, NOT Sarah McLachlan), Foo Fighters' "Hero" with Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right, But It's OK", Jet's "Get What You Need" with Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", AND Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" with Kelis' "Milkshake". So yeah, I'm a nerd, bite me.

And I'm getting into Mindless Self-Indulgence again. I got their single from Alternative Press, but gave it away. So now I'm having Scott burn me their CDs. AND he got me into the Dresden Dolls. Awesome band. My favorite song of theirs is "Girl Anachronism". It's kinda goth, but not really. Their music is just a piano and drums.

And then on the other end of the spectrum, I'm listening to Dirt Bike Annie, Luscious Jackson, and Interpol a lot recently. I'm weird, I know. I get that a lot. And of course, I'm listening to my mc chris CDs!! Yeah! Trying to rap along, but can't b/c I suck at rapping. I'm getting better though. Not like I'm gonna go into rapping, but yeah, whatever.

Okay, so I know my mind has been changing a lot this year with... stuff. Most ppl know what I'm talking about. If you don't, don't worry about it. BUT I finally, finally think I can calm down over that situation. SEE! I had a really serious (yes, I can be serious) conversation with Andy last night, and it was good that we did. I dunno what I wanna say about it. For once, I'm lost for words. But it's all good, let's just say that. So, Andy, if you're reading this, don't be worrying about what I'm rambling on about. I wanna tell you in person anyways. So yeah, I'm finally completely happy with my life. I hope it lasts for a long time.

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